No, Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Did Not Share How They Fell In Love To Tabloid

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been the subject of ongoing rumors revolving around a supposed secretive relationship that the two have been hiding and downplaying as best they can. Although it remained a mystery to fans and gossip enthusiasts as to whether or not the two are in fact a couple, leading up to the end of 2016, the latest sightings of the pair have certainly pointed to the rumors being accurate.

Holmes and Foxx have reportedly been a couple ever since 2013, yet both have told members of the press that they are merely friends. On a number of occasions, Holmes had been spotted disguising herself while on her way to meet with the Django Unchained star, which caused the rumors to continue to be churned out. Engagement claims and pregnancy stories then followed, all the while Holmes and Foxx stamped out the claims. Towards the end of 2016, Katie and Jamie were spotted in Cabo together, and to follow that up, they were seen on New Year’s Eve in Miami having a romantic dinner and holding hands. US Weekly reported on the sighting at the time.

“The Woman in Gold actress, 38, and Foxx, 49, had dinner in South Beach on December 30, one insider tells Us of the duo, while a second source adds that to count down to 2017 the next night, the couple headed to Soho House Miami. According to an eyewitness, Holmes and Foxx, who have been discreetly dating since October 2013, were spotted well after midnight “holding hands while walking near the pool” at the hotel and members-only club.”

Since this point, the mystery seems to have been revealed, and the question on the mind of many has been answered. Jamie and Katie, however, have yet to speak about their relationship and likely have various reasons for wanting their romance to be kept under wraps. Katie, after all, was in the media spotlight for years due to her marriage to, and divorce from, actor Tom Cruise, and clearly is being sure to keep her love life more private this time around, especially with a daughter involved.

The latest fabrication, however, is that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have since spoken out about how and when they first fell in love. OK! is the culprit in igniting this false claim, stating that the two revealed these details directly to the tabloid. Gossip Cop relays details about the false story,

“The new issue hit newsstands on Wednesday, blaring on the cover, ‘Katie & Jamie: How We Fell In Love.’ There’s even a blurb touting, ‘Only In OK!’ It would be understandable if readers saw this edition and thought Holmes and Foxx gave an interview to the magazine about their relationship. But that’s not the case.”

The cover headline is very misleading, as GC notes, seeing as, within the pages of the actual story, there are no direct quotes from either of the stars. Instead, all details are just added by the publication as to what is thought to be happening between the alleged couple.

The gossip policing site goes on to relay how it is an “insider” sharing these details as opposed to Foxx and Holmes.

“‘Jamie & Katie: Their Untold Love Story,’ reads the headline. It’s further said, ‘They’ve been together for years. Now the details of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s secret romance are finally coming out.”‘No, nothing is ‘coming out.’ At least nothing legitimate. The outlet even admits in the very first paragraph that it’s an ‘insider’ who is ‘spilling all.'”

OK! has certainly been guilty of propelling a number of false Katie and Jamie stories, such as those including false pregnancy news and engagement claims. Not only that, but a rumor indicating the pair were calling off a wedding came out in May. Obviously, this was another fabrication seeing as there was never any wedding to call off.

[Featured Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for IFP]