WWE News: Roman Reigns Will Face Braun Strowman For ‘WWE Fastlane 2017’

This latest bit of WWE news should thrill fans of Roman Reigns, as they’ve been waiting a long time for this face-off: Mick Foley has just announced that Reigns will face off against Braun Strowman for WWE Fastlane 2017!

Bleacher Report was the first to bring us this bit of good WWE news. On March 5, the two will face off against one another in a singles match at Fastlane, which is a Raw-brand specific Pay-Per-View event.

This announcement comes one week after Reigns interfered with the match between Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman. While Strowman won the match by disqualification, he didn’t get the Universal title from Owens because of Reigns’ interference. It sounds like the storyline will play out as Strowman “wanting revenge” on Reigns, and these two have been sniping at each other — as sort of an ancillary side-story — for a long time.

Fans who watched the Royal Rumble will recall that, while fighting against Kevin Owens, Strowman interfered with Reigns’ upper hand by powerslamming him on a table that was propped up against a turnbuckle, giving Owens the “in” for the pinfall.

Now, it seems, Reigns is coming to take what belongs to him from Strowman: the taste of sweet, sweet revenge.

But Reigns shouldn’t get too caught up in the Royal Rumble brouhaha. According to the latest WWE news from GiveMeSport, this latest Royal Rumble defeat is actually a pattern for him. It’s not because Reigns isn’t a good wrestler — to the contrary, he’s actually one of the best on the roster — but because he’s actually giving a nod to wrestling’s recent “past.”

Remember the days of The Shield and The Evolution? Such simple times in the WWE.

“In the Rumbles which the former Shield member has failed to win, there has been a pattern as to how he was eliminated from the match, and it’s not just that the superstar who eliminated him would go on to win the entire thing. In 2014, Reigns was eliminated by Batista, 2016 was the year Triple H would throw him over the top rope, while Randy Orton would end The Big Dog’s hopes of main eventing WrestleMania 33 at this year’s Rumble. In case you haven’t picked up on it, this WWE fan has provided a tweet explaining the link between Batista, The Viper, and The Game; they’re all former members of Evolution.”

Granted, this could all be just an amazing coincidence. But thus far, WWE creative has been very deliberate in their moves. Could this signal a reunion of The Evolution?

That’s just a theory to keep under our hats, as a collective wrestling fandom, for now.

However, the latest WWE news from FanSided suggests that if ever there was a perfect wrestler to face off against Braun Strowman, it would be Roman Reigns. The outlet suggests that Reigns, above all other superstars on the roster, is the best the WWE has right now.

The main reason why FanSided believes that Reigns is the best — despite the obvious hatred he gets from a certain faction of fans — is because he was able to achieve in a few months what most wrestlers take years to achieve: championships.

“It took a few weeks, but Reigns finally got one shot at the gold and delivered. It was just winning the title. It was winning the title in the city where he was booed out of just 11 months prior at the 2015 Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Philadelphia. In terms of great championship moments in recent times with WWE, this one ranks at the top of the list because basically everyone in the arena wanted to see Reigns win the title and that’s exactly what happened.”

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