Former WWE Superstar’s Thoughts On John Cena

In his internet radio show, former WWE superstar Tazz had a few words to say about Cena regarding last Tuesday’s episodes of Smackdown Live and Talking Smack. Cena, who will be defending his WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber against Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, AJ Styles, and Bray Wyatt, was a guest on Talking Smack, where he cut a promo on his competition in the Elimination Chamber. Tazz called Cena’s promo a “burial,” because Cena said that the only competition he was worried about was AJ Styles.

“I think everybody knows by know with the matches that I’ve had, if you wanna check my track record, I’m firing on all cylinders. And everybody’s gonna say ‘I’m gonna go in the Elimination Chamber’ and I’ll be honest, the person I’m looking out for? AJ Styles, because I firmly believe he’s firing on all cylinders. I think everybody else just isn’t where we’re at, and internet, rejoice over that one, go nuts, but I think AJ and I are in groove, like that Michael Jordan zone where the rim is just a big old bucket and you can hit anything. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like it’s all just clicking in there. It feels great to be in there. I feel great every single night.”

Tazz argues that Cena should not be so dismissive of the other competitors, especially Corbin and Wyatt, who Tazz feels should get over with the fans as soon as possible with all the support from the WWE. If Cena dismisses them so easily, it may damage their reputations and how fans see them.

Tazz also felt that Cena should have been a bit more interested in the fatal four-way between Ambrose, Styles, Corbin, and Miz, and WWE should have shown Cena showing the match. Of course, this cannot be blamed on Cena, but it is an interesting point nonetheless.

Ambrose vs Styles vs Corbin vs Miz
Ambrose performs a standing elbow drop on Corbin. [Image by WWE]

Tazz also had good things to say about last Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown Live. He said the opening fatal four-way was a good match, but he would have rather had Corbin pin Ambrose over Styles. Ambrose, Tazz feels, would not have been hurt by the loss, and he thought it strange to have a heel pin another heel. He also thinks Styles has been having a rough past few weeks, especially with Cena eviscerating him in a promo before the Royal Rumble.

The dual contract signing between Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi was also a creative spin on the contract signing segment. The 12-man tag team match also surprised Tazz, and he liked that the Ascension won the match for their side. No one was expecting them to win, and it was a good way to keep viewers excited while at the same time making all the competitors look strong before the Tag Team Turmoil Match at Elimination Chamber.

Rhyno vs Viktor
Rhyno performs a clothesline on Viktor of the Ascension. [Image by WWE]

A caller said that perhaps Goldberg would win the Universal Championship from Kevin Owens and lose it to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33. Tazz says that is unlikely, mostly because of the part-time schedule of both men. However, WWE has shown a willingness to put the title on part-timers, as evidenced by Brock Lesnar holding the championship from Summerslam 2014 to Wrestlemania 31. Prior to him, The Rock ended CM Punk’s 434-day reign as WWE Champion before dropping the belt to Cena at Wrestlemania 29.

With Elimination Chamber happening this Sunday, fans are expecting what is sure to be an exciting event, especially with the return of the Elimination Chamber, which was last used in 2015. Fans are also excited to see Mickie James, who joined Smackdown Live last month, in action.

[Featured Image by WWE]