Amy Schumer Admits To Wearing ‘Physically Painful’ Clothes

Amy Schumer may be super-confident about her body, but she wasn’t always like that, according to InStyle. The Trainwreck actress is famous not only for her punch lines, but also for being a body-positive celebrity who urges women around the world to embrace themselves as they are.

Amy Schumer has always been candid with her fans when it comes to her body and weight, but now the actress has given her fans the opportunity to relate to her even more. In a candid interview with Barneys’ blog, The Window, the Trainwreck star was joined by her stylist Leesa Evans to discuss their new project called Stylefund.

Stylefund is a charity that helps women to find their own individual silhouettes that make them more confident. During the interview, Evans shared how she had helped Amy Schumer to gain true confidence in her figure with the help of the wonders of tailoring.

Amy Schumer admitted that she had various fittings for long years before meeting Evans, adding that they were literally “painful” to wear.

“They were always painful, and I mean physically because of tight materials and bad fits, which was bad because I just want to be swimming in cashmere and feathers all the time.”

Amy Schumer added that those fittings were painful emotionally as well. When the stand-up comedian met Evans, it turned her life upside down. The actress says that her first ever fitting with the stylist was a “really emotional” experience.

Evans says that her goal was to show Amy Schumer the magic of fittings and change her mindset.

“She had to feel it authentically for herself as she was looking and feeling so good — and that’s exactly what happened.”

Amy Schumer confessed that even though she wasn’t always super-confident about her body, deep down she “suspected” that she’s “very gorgeous.” And after meeting Evans, the stand-up comedian proved to herself that her suspicion was actually correct.

Talking about the power of clothes and how they make people more confident, Amy Schumer said that she had felt “ashamed” and “awful” before meeting Evans. But as soon as she tried those new clothes on, the actress admitted that she felt and looked great.

And that’s how Amy Schumer and Evans realized they could also help millions of other women around the world. The comedian and the stylist first started with Schumer’s friends and helped them feel better about themselves through fittings, and then they decided to share it with everyone.

Amy Schumer couldn’t be more enthusiastic about her work at Stylefund. The comedian describes the Stylefund fittings and events as “an emotional, positive, and beautiful experience.”

While Amy Schumer cares about other people, she doesn’t forget about her own family, according to Us Magazine. The Inside Amy Schumer star recently bought an amazing gift for her father.

In late December 2016, the comedian bought back her family’s old farm, and her father Gordon couldn’t be happier about it! The actress has previously revealed that her family lost the farm when she was just 12-years-old.

But Amy Schumer finally bought back the farm, which her family had lost due to bankruptcy after her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The comedian took to social media to reveal the big news, sharing a video of herself running in the cornfield at her family’s farm. The actress revealed that she had finally bought the farm back for her dad.

“We lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him.”

[Featured Image by John Salangsang/AP Images]