Erica Wall Photos: 'My 600-lb Life' Star Lost 75lbs After Weight-Loss Surgery

Erica Wall's pictures are going viral after the California woman's appearance on My 600-lb Life, showing that the dangerously obese woman wasn't always quite so large -- and that she may be back on the way to losing weight again.

Wall was featured on the TLC docu-series that first aired on Wednesday, and viewers were given a glimpse into her struggle with weight and the desperate measures she is prepared to take to lose it.

Erica Wall's introduction on My 600-lb Life was a frustrating one for viewers. The 44-year-old was seen visiting with a health specialist who advised her to cut back on carbs in her diet, but Wall wasn't too keen on the advice.

After the nutritionist tossed out bags on unhealthy foods in Wall's home, the 600-plus-pound woman grew upset.

"I can't believe she just wasted all that food," Erica Wall said. "I'm so frustrated right now. But I can just order more, and there's nothing she can really do to stop me from doing that. So she completely wasted her time."

The story of Erica Wall's weight gain is a tragic one. As Wednesday's episode of My 600-lb Life showed, Wall had a series of traumatic events that led to her eating spiraling out of control. By the time she was 12, Erica already weighed 200 pounds and continued to put on pounds as her family served up unhealthy, fried foods for dinner.

"Food has always been a big part of my life. There was really no control over our eating. My parents never told us to stop when we were really young, so I just ate what I wanted," Wall said in Wednesday's episode (via People magazine).

This sent many people looking online for pictures of Erica Wall's weight gain, and some photos from earlier in her youth showed a thinner but still overweight young woman.

Erica had her stomach stapled at age 16, but later that year she was raped by a group of men and once again started overeating to cope, Us Weekly noted.

Her weight was always a problem, but Erica Wall said more tragedy in her life sparked even more weight gain.

"When she was 42 years old, her mother was left on life support after a car accident, but Erica was so large that she couldn't make it to the hospital to say goodbye before she died," the Daily Mail reported. "The heartbreak led her to even more extreme binging, and she gained 200lbs in just two years."

But Erica Wall is now taking steps to reverse a lifetime of food addiction, and it's playing out before a worldwide audience on My 600-lb Life. On Wednesday's episode, the California native flew to Houston, Texas, to meet with a weight-loss surgeon.

The journey itself was difficult for Wall, who is at higher risk for complications.

"I know the risk I am taking right now because the doctor told me it is not a good idea to travel with medical care or to fly right now because of my legs and the possibility of blood clots," Wall said in a preview of Wednesday's episode.

There could be a happy ending on the way for Erica Wall as well, and the pictures of the morbidly obese woman may soon look a lot different. The episode of My 600-lb Life noted that she's dropped 75 pounds after having weight-loss surgery, and she dreams of one day being able to go for a run again.

[Featured Image by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]