NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Trade Rajon Rondo For Jahlil Okafor

The Chicago Bulls are looking to unload one of their biggest headaches of the season – Rajon Rondo. The troubled point guard has not been getting along with the Chicago vets and is not exactly a good fit for the Bulls’ offense. However, the Chicago Bulls could pull off a trade for Rondo that could land them a high potential big man from the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to Fansided, this is going to be a fantastic deal for the Chicago Bulls. Okafor is not exactly a model player, but at least he is not as bad as Rondo. Plus, Okafor can definitely shine on the Chicago Bulls offense, a department where he has shown flashes of brilliance if he is given some time. Rondo’s departure from the Chicago Bulls will dampen their offense because Okafor is not a great defensive player, but he is young and could still develop further. If he is inserted into the Chicago Bulls’ frontcourt, then it might be his best chance to blossom into a quality big man.

The Chicago Bulls need to start getting younger. Jahlil Okafor offers them a good start for a major rebuild. There is no other way for the Chicago Bulls franchise to go. Chicago is not going to compete this year with their clunky line-up and needs to start building around Jimmy Butler. The Chicago Bulls and their Dwyane Wade experiment did not pan out and they definitely need to start getting younger.

According to the same source this is where it gets tricky. While this is a great deal for the Chicago Bulls, fans of Philly might cry out that getting Rondo is a bit one sided. But what is interesting is that Rondo has a non-guaranteed salary for next season from the Chicago Bulls and the Sixers could just cut him off to free up more cap space. They could gun for a major free agent in the offseason.

Another thing that the Bulls would have to give up to get Okafor are some draft picks. According to Business Insider, the Sixers have a whopping 10 first-round draft picks between now and 2021, and a young team like theirs would love to add more to that. The Philadelphia 76ers need to surround their team with enough talent for Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid if they want to start thinking dynasty. Trading with the Chicago Bulls for Rajon Rondo might just give them a quality veteran free agent for next season plus more young talent in the future.

Having Rajon Rondo hang out for a while until the end of this season will also do wonders for the evolution of Ben Simmons. While Rondo is a bit of a loose cannon off the court, inside it, he is still a fantastic playmaker. For now, Ben Simmons will play point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Having Rajon Rondo mentor Ben Simmons for a while will allow the young star to learn the tricks of facilitating the offense.

It could also have an amazing domino effect for the young and talented Sixers. If Ben Simmons becomes a great playmaker because of Rondo, then it will also benefit their budding star center, Joel Embiid. Rondo played with the best like Pierce and Garnett, and his knowledge is valuable to a future powerhouse like the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rondo’s incredible on-ball defense will also aid Ben Simmons to develop some defensive intensity much faster. If Ben Simmons can combine his offensive talents with some defensive prowess, then he can definitely be on his way to LeBron James-like status.

The Chicago Bulls need to unload the black sheep of their team and so does the Philadelphia 76ers. Hopefully, the trade deadline can get these two teams talking to each other.

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