Brittney Jones Sex Tape: Lewd Courthouse Video Brings Arrest Warrant For Couple

Brittney Jones is wanted by Florida police for a courthouse sex tape that went viral last week, but the woman and her boyfriend are on the run from the law.

Jones was seen in a short clip that spread across the internet last week, showing her performing a sex act on a man inside the hallway of the Duval County Courthouse while court was in session behind a door just a few feet away, News4Jax reported.

Though the initial media reports did not name the woman in the courthouse sex tape, she was soon identified as 26-year-old Brittney Jones and her partner was identified as 25-year-old Jeremiah Isiah Robinson.

Reports from Jacksonville indicate that the courthouse sex tape couple is now on the run from the law. A WJAX report claimed that couple is evading the charges that await them.

Courthouse officials said the sex tape was filmed during open court hours, but they noted that the hallway was empty when the explicit video was filmed. Brittney Jones made it appear as if she was performing the sex act as a way to avoid her own charges, WREG noted.

“I just found a way to get out of trouble,” she said before the sex tape started. Officials noted that neither of the people featured in the video worked in the court.

While Brittney Jones is reportedly hiding out from police after the courthouse sex tape went viral, her family members are not. A report from News4Jax included an interview with the woman’s father, who said he believed her act was a cry for attention.

The man, who was identified only as David, said he found out about the courthouse sex tape after it had gone viral.

“I was working on my yard (and) I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom. When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked — very, very shocked,” her father, identified only as David, told News4Jax.

The man said the sex tape filmed by Jeremiah Isiah Robinson and Brittney Jones ended up hurting the whole family.

“My mom’s hurt. My grandmother’s hurt. We are all hurt because we love (her). And we are trying to express how much we love her, but I think there is a wall up. I think she is hurt from the past,” he said. “I’m upset.”

While family members may feel shame over the explicit courthouse video, Brittney Jones is reportedly enjoying the attention that came from it. As reports of the sex tape made national news and images spread across social media, Jones appeared to revel in her strange viral fame.

She may even be trying to find a way to make money off the video, WREG reported.

“Jones has since taken down the video but has not shied away from the spotlight, bragging about also having sex at a Winn-Dixie and offering to do an interview ‘with the highest bidder,’ ” the report noted.

Jones also seemed to enjoy running from police. On an Instagram page identified as Brittney’s official account, she posted a picture with the caption, “MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE. ALL I NEED IN MY LIFE OF SIN IS ME AND MY BOYFRIEND.”


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The final chapter of the courthouse sex tape has yet to be written. Police in Jacksonville are still seeking out Jeremiah Isiah Robinson and Brittney Jones for their racy video, and charges of performing an unnatural and lascivious act await the couple.

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