Cavs Vs Wizards: NBA East Finals Preview? 5 Reasons It Will Be A Classic Matchup

If the Cavs vs. Wizards regular-season matchup last Monday night is any indication, the Ohio-based squad, heavily favored to repeat as the NBA Eastern champions, won’t have a walk in the park en route to the conference title for this season.

John Wall and the streaking Washington Wizards, despite bowing out in the 140-135 overtime loss to the Cavs, issued a notice with a statement game of their own that it won’t be a shoo-in for LeBron James and the King’s entire entourage.

The matchup between the East best Cleveland Cavaliers and the red-hot Washington Wizards turned out to be an instant classic that was widely talked about around the league.

With the game clock winding down in the final quarter of the regulation, a desperation pass had to be made from one end of the floor to another. It was close to a 30-yard Hail Mary pass that resulted in a “touchdown.” Only it wasn’t Tom Brady who threw the heave.


It was Cavs’ All-Star forward Kevin Love who found LeBron James from the other end for a buzzer beater and game-tying, turnaround, three-point shot. The game was sent into overtime, because it just had to. And, the atmosphere inside the Verizon Center in downtown Washington D.C. in the final minutes of the game is on par with that of the Super Bowl LI.

If the Wizards end up in the second or third spot of the Eastern Conference standings after the regular season, there is a great chance we’d see them figure it out in yet another dramatic contest against the Cavs. This time, it would be for a seven-game series, and the basketball junkies will be in for a great treat. Here are some reasons the Cavs vs. Wizards potential East Finals matchup would go down a classic one.

The Wizards Prove To Be A Worthy Challenger

The Wizards gave the East top seed a good run for their money. And, it is by no means some fluke. Scott Brooks’ team is playing great basketball as of late, as noted by Prior to the home loss against the Cavs, the Wizards had one of the best records in the league since the start of the year. They were proud owners of a seven-game win streak, which stands as the league’s current longest at that time — without adding the Miami Heat in the conversation. The John Wall-led team also boasts of 17 consecutive wins on their home floor that makes the Cavs’ win all the more impressive.

Kyrie Irving – John Wall Duel

This is just a no-brainer. Every time it’s the Cavs vs. Wizards, the two best point guards in the East going at each other has to be one of the most highly-anticipated aspects of the game. Yes, Goran and Isaiah can make a case for it right now, but Kyrie and John are just currently head-and-shoulders above everyone else as far as the East backcourt is concerned. Take it from Charles Barkley and Shaq. The two may not agree on LeBron James, but they had it figured out on this one, per Washington Post.

John Wall drives to the basket as Irving defends him during Cavs vs Wizards game.
The highly-anticipated matchup between Wall and Irving at Cavs vs Wizards game [Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

It Will Be An All-Star Scoring Showdown

You know it’s going to be an explosive one in terms of scoring. The matchup is just brimming with talent. And, you can expect the Cavs and the Wizards to fill up the stat sheets. We are, after all, talking about four All-Stars just between the two teams. And, don’t forget Bradley Beal who torched the Cavs with his 41-point outburst and playing at an All-Star level for the Wizards recently.

Buzzer Beaters And Other Exciting Highlights

Now, it is one thing for the game to be a high-scoring one and another to be, actually, entertaining with all the highlight reels that are sideshows on their own. And, a Cavs vs. Wizards series won’t be wanting. Irving and James have proven that they can make winning plays at the end of games, and the Wizards have also shown during the streak that they can also knock down clutch shots. Not to mention, both Irving and Wall can street-ball, Love and Porter are difference-makers in the front court, while James and Beal can go at it scoring almost at will.


Budding Rivalry, Perhaps?

Yeah, this one is just a rivalry in the making. The Cavs and the Wizards may look friendly during the game displaying sportsmanship gestures here and there, but you know that both teams are out there to shoot down each other every time, more so after that last game.

Now, who do you have winning between the Cavs vs. Wizards should the pair meet in the Eastern Conference Finals? Let us know in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]