Selena Gomez’s Latest Selfie Receives Over A Million Likes In Just An Hour

Selena Gomez is known for her ability to rack up a large number of likes and is continuing the trend with her newest selfie.

Gomez posted a selfie Tuesday evening, and within an hour, the photo received a whopping 1.4 million likes. However, it’s not surprising given her history and the fact the singer has 109 million followers.

In fact, Marie Claire reported Selena had the most Instagram followers last year with 103 million. Since then, Gomez has only racked up several more million followers, proving her popularity.

“The singer tops off the most followed list with a whopping 103 million followers and is the most followed person on Instagram.”

Selena’s most recent post shows her making a kissing face while wearing a white halter-top dress and her long hair down around her shoulders. She didn’t include a caption for the image, but fans took to commenting on the photo to show their love and support. Some called Gomez “cute” and “beautiful,” while others said she’s “perfect.”

“You are very perfect”

One Instagram user even asked the 24-year-old to prom in the comments on the new selfie, but so far Selena hasn’t answered.

“Will you go to prom with me @selenagomez”

Us Weekly covered the top 10 liked pictures from last year, and Selena definitely made the list. While her latest selfie is proving to be quite popular, it’s nothing new to her as Gomez reportedly had eight of the top liked Instagram posts in 2016.

“The true Instagram queen! The social media app released its list of the most-liked photos of 2016, and it’s no surprise Selena Gomez had eight of the top 10.”

Not only does Selena receive large numbers of likes from her fans, but she also had the most liked Instagram photo of all time.

“Instagram has a new reigning champ! In addition to being the most-followed person on the social media app, Selena Gomez now boasts the most-liked photo, too.”

Selena’s ad for Coca-Cola received over 6.4 million likes when she posted it in June 2016.

However, since then, Beyoncé took the title of most liked Instagram photo of all time with her pregnancy announcement. Queen Bey garnered over 10 million likes on her baby bump photo this past week, but it seems Selena’s fans are trying to put her back on top as they continue to shower her with support online.

And it’s not just Selena’s social media posts that keep her in the headlines as she flaunts a new relationship with The Weeknd amid her return to the spotlight. Gomez returned to rehab for mental health reasons in late 2016, but has apparently made her comeback in more ways than one.

It appears Selena is still one of the most popular celebs on Instagram as she deals with rumors regarding her new romance with The Weeknd. Of course, there’s also the fact she’s allegedly making music with the “Starboy” singer as they get hot and heavy. It seems the rehab stint recharged Gomez as she hit the ground running upon her release date.

However, some argue all of this attention may not be in her best interest at the moment. Us Weekly reported Gomez entered rehab voluntarily to deal with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Now, Radar Online is reporting her family is worried about her health as she continues with her Hollywood career.

Selena Gomez receives over a million likes in one hour on Instagram selfie
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

The site quoted her uncle Artemis Arzola during an interview regarding Selena’s health.

“Selena’s young. I know the temptations are there in Hollywood to go out and have a good time, but she needs to STOP that and look after herself. Her illness wears her body out, even with the drugs she takes. She needs to take her health seriously — now more than ever!”

It’s well-known Gomez is battling lupus and all of the side effects, and that’s why her family and fans are concerned about her new relationship with The Weeknd.

“Meanwhile, her new squeeze, The Weeknd — real name Abel Tesfaye — has admitted to using Ketamine, cocaine, MDMA, mushrooms, cough syrup and more!”

But it seems Selena is not ready to give up the spotlight and all that comes with it as she continues to make headlines with her popular posts.

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