Woman Disembowels Pakistani Ex-Husband After Sex Romp: ‘My Intestines Were Out’

dalya saaed

A woman in England stands accused of trying to completely disembowel her ex-husband in an attempt to stop him from leaving the country with their young daughter.

Taxi driver Mohammed Bilal Miah relayed during proceedings at Birmingham Crown Court in the U.K. on Monday how his wife, 35-year-old Dalya Saeed, sliced open his stomach and yanked out part of his small intestine after she requested for him to stop by her Moseley apartment in 2015, the Daily Mail reports.

After first getting into a verbal spat with Saeed over the custody arrangement of their child during the October 19 visit, Miah explained that the two of them then retreated to her bedroom, where they went on to have sex for four hours.

“[At some point], she started to kiss my lips, my neck and my chest,” Mr. Miah recalled to jurors, “and then all of a sudden, within a blink of an eye, she stabbed me twice in the belly.”

When he asked Saeed why she attacked him, Miah said she responded with more thrusts of the knife, which he assumes was hidden under her bed or in the pocket of her bathrobe, into his body.

“I grabbed the knife from her,” he continued.

“When I grabbed the knife, my intestines were out. She was trying to hold on to my intestines and pull them [out]. She pulled part of them off. I threw the knife behind a sofa and held the rest of them in my belly.”

Miah was able to compose himself enough to try to flee, but Saeed stayed on his tail, eventually following him out to the street outside of her residence where she then beat him with a wooden baseball bat and a meat cleaver.

Witnesses near and around the complex say that around 3 a.m., they were awakened by Miah’s howls of pain, which caused them to call for emergency assistance. When police arrived, they located the injured man cowering outside of a neighboring residence while clutching his bloody stomach. Medical officials would go on to obtain a severed piece Miah’s small bowel on the floor of Dalya Saeed’s bedroom.

In total, more than 30 wounds were counted all over Miah’s body from the attack. He was hospitalized for 10 days and underwent two surgeries to repair the damage to his intestines. Despite the gruesome nature of the assault, Mr. Miah went on to have a full recovery.

Dalya Saeed countered during her testimony that her actions were the result of self-defense after Mr. Miah first attacked her, then forced her to have sex against her will. Prosecutor Paul Western tried to cast doubt on that claim during cross-examination by explaining that there was no longer any danger once he ran out of her home.

“Even when she must have known he was frightened for his life and was struggling to escape from her flat,” he remarked.

“[She] persisted in her attack and inflicted even more serious injuries. The violence used by Dalya Saeed was without justification.”

dalya saeed

While on stand, Miah admitted to physically and verbally abusing Saeed throughout their two-year marriage. Once he remarried in 2013, he maintained close contact with his ex-wife for the sake of his child, but she often feared that he might seize their daughter and take her back to Pakistan, his native country.

In 2010, Miah entered the U.K. on a student visa but has since been classified as an illegal alien after dropping out of college shortly thereafter. Dalya Saeed, an Iraqi Kurd, was granted political asylum in 2012, but now also faces deportation due to her supposed crime. Her child with Miah is now under the care of Children’s Services in the country as her trial continues. She had pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent.

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