Trump Approval Rating Polls: Numbers Today Paint Poor Picture Of Unpopular POTUS

One day after he dismissed “any negative polls” as “fake news,” the real numbers from polls released Tuesday continue to paint a grim picture for Donald Trump, as his favorability rating with the American public continues underwater, at record lows for a new president.

As of Tuesday, February 7, the Gallup daily tracking poll measuring Trump’s approval rating showed the largest differential yet charted between his favorable and unfavorable ratings. Gallup showed Trump with only 42 percent approval — but a whopping 54 percent disapproval, a net negative rating of -12 percentage points.

But Gallup is not the only new poll today showing Trump struggling to win favor with the American people.

Also on Tuesday, a new Quinnipiac University poll showed a majority of Americans saying that they disapprove of Trump’s performance in the nation’s highest office so far — only 18 days into his term, a time that has been firmly in the middle of a “honeymoon period” for all previous presidents since pollsters began compiling approval ratings.

The Quinnipiac poll showed 51 percent of registered voters with a negative opinion of Trump’s job performance, while only 42 percent — the same figure as the Gallup poll — approve of how he has handled the presidency so far. The Gallup poll surveyed American adults, without regard to whether they are registered to vote or not.

Quinnipiac also found heavy dissatisfaction with Trump’s signature policy so far, the ban on travelers and immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries, who are no longer permitted to enter the United States.

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According to Quinnipiac, American voters oppose the travel ban by 51 percent to 46 percent. But when asked whether they favor banning refugees from any country for 120 days, 60 percent disapproved — and asked about an indefinite ban on refugees from war-torn Syria specifically, 70 percent were against the ban.

But Trump himself on Monday, via his frequently-used Twitter account, dismissed his poor polling as “fake news,” though he provided no evidence that any of the poll results were somehow “fake.”

The news was not all bad for Trump in the polling department this week, however. Two pollsters released new surveys which showed Trump with net positive approval ratings, that is, with higher approval than disapproval. And one of the two showed a majority of Americans approving of Trump’s job performance so far.

Zogby Analytics, a research firm which polling analyst Nate Silver once called “the worst pollster in America” for its reliance on internet-based polls, puts Trump at a net-positive rating of five points, with 48 percent approving and 43 percent disapproving of the job Trump has done so far, since his January 20 inauguration. The poll was conducted online.

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The Rasmussen polling firm, which is the only pollster which has consistently shown Trump with an approval rating above 50 percent, released a survey on Tuesday placing Trump at 53 percent approval, with 47 percent disapproving of his job performance.

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According to the pollster ratings, which assign letter grades to pollsters based on their past accuracy, Zogby received a “C-” grade, while Rasmussen gets a “C+.” The Gallup organization receives a “B-,” while Quinnipiac is awarded an “A-.”

In averages of all Trump approval rating polls, sees Trump at 49.5 percent unfavorable to just 43.9 favorable. The Real Clear Politics site polling average puts Trump at 49.1 percent disapproval to 44.8 percent who approve of his performance so far.

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