MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Invasion Of The Champions’ — Meet The Underdogs

The underdogs will have their hands full when The Challenge returns next month. MTV is pitting 18 winless men and women against eight former champions on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions. Do any of the underdogs have a shot at winning the cash prize?

Following Rivals III, MTV reports that Invasion will take the contestants to a deserted wasteland appropriately named The Shelter. The season will start with 18 underdogs fighting for twelve spots at a place called The Oasis and a chance at competing against the champions.

Once they reach The Oasis, all of the contestants will face brutal challenges and elimination rounds leading up to a three-day finale. While the underdogs have greater numbers, they’ll be facing off against the likes of Ashley K., Johnny Bananas, Camila, CT, Cara Maria, Laurel, Darrell, and Zach.

Despite the unfavorable odds, People is reporting that some of the underdogs like their chances. This includes Cory Wharton, who managed to place second on Battle of the Bloodlines.

“There’s not one champion here,” Wharton says in a special sneak peek. “I think I could be that champion.”

MTV's 'The Challenge: Invasion of the Champs' the underdogs. [Image by MTV]

Of course, Wharton also has to beat out his fellow underdogs, all of whom expect to win it all this season. According to MTV, around half of the winless contestants have never appeared on The Challenge, making their run to the final even harder. This includes former Go Big or Go Home star Kailah.

Fortunately for Kailah, her Real World season prepared her for what’s to come on The Challenge. At the same time, Theo’s experience in collegiate football should give him a competitive edge over the field, while Anika shares some calmer qualities with former winners like Sarah and Jamie.

For a more balanced contestant, fans should look no further than Anthony. Anthony looks like a typical gym rat, but his strategy and math skills helped him on Are You the One. There’s also a set of outstanding fighters in Sylvia and Bruno, though their tempers could create problems in the house this season.

Lastly, there’s Hunter, who is known for the time he tried to convince all the ladies on Are You the One that he was well endowed. While he isn’t above silly antics, Hunter’s gentle demeanor should keep him afloat late in the competition.

MTV's 'The Challenge: Invasion of the Champs' the champs. [Image by MTV]

Apart from the newbies, there are other underdogs who have plenty of experience on The Challenge. While the experience of this group varies across the board, MTV reports that several of the underdogs are coming off recent losses on Rivals III.

This includes Dario, who is currently trying to make a name for himself as a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Although Dario will finally get the chance to fly solo, fans have to wonder about his ability to make smart decisions, especially on his own.

Speaking of bad decisions, Tony will have a shot at redemption after getting booted from Rivals III. At the same time, Ashley M. proved that she can put up a fight on Rivals III. Whether or not these two have matured enough for a run at a championship is yet to be seen.

Rounding out the list of underdogs includes the likes of Nelson, who has turned a life of poverty into success, Shane, a former star of Road Rules who wants to start an LGBTQ business with the earnings, Amanda, known for her short fuse on Are You the One, and repeat Challenge contestant Jenna. Also included are Real World: St. Thomas star LaToya, and former Battle of the Seasons contestant Marie.

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions is set to kick off February 7 on MTV, check out a teaser below.

[Featured Image by MTV]