‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Banned From Airline Following In-Flight Melee [Video]

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The teen guest from Dr. Phil known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl will never be caught on a Spirit Airlines plane ever again — because she and her mother been banned from flying with the travel company permanently.

Danielle Bregoli, 13, and her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, were said to have been boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Monday night when, according to a report from TMZ, they got into a physical altercation with a fellow female passenger who felt they were taking too long to be seated.

“We’re told Danielle’s mother was struggling to put her carry-on bag in the overhead,” the TMZ post explains, “because she’s wearing a walking cast for an injured foot.”

Reportedly, the slow movements of Ms. Bregoli continued to incense their in-flight neighbor, who began complaining loudly to the duo to speed things up. That, in turn, stoked the ire of both the “Cash Me Outside” teenager and her mother, who began hollering back at the fellow flier after she referred to Danielle as a “w***er” and “trash.”

Several witnesses in the cabin provided footage of the confrontation to TMZ, who compiled all the takes into three separate videos. In the first of the trio, we witness the elder Bregoli leaning over the woman as she is seated.

“I had to get in there,” Bregoli yells to the woman’s face while demanding that she exudes patience.

Danielle then joins in and begins pointing her finger at the seated passenger in a threatening matter, while Barbara Ann makes another demand.

“Don’t call my daughter ‘trash!'”

After a jump cut, we see Danielle standing in front the adult woman screaming “what’s up,” before her mother pulls her back and violently leaps at the seated passenger with her arms outstretched. The other woman jumps up and begins defending herself against Ms. Bregoli, and Danielle jumps in, hands swinging.

In the second video, which was taken before the fight, the female Spirit Airlines passenger is heard berating Danielle over her intelligence.

“I have three college degrees, b***h,” she says, “what you got?”

Although obviously bothered, Danielle remains seated across the aisle, waiting for takeoff. After the woman utters the teen’s now-infamous “cash me outside” line to mock the teenager, the younger Bregoli stands up and walks toward the other passenger. Ms. Bregoli is then seen following after Danielle, seemingly to stop her from assaulting the older woman.

In the third, Danielle, Barbara Ann and the third unnamed passenger are all seen screaming at one another as a male passenger tries to call for help from a Spirit Airlines stewardess, who tells everyone that the police have been notified.

A compiled version of all three clips can be seen here. Please be advised that the following contains explicit language.

In a now-deleted NSFW video on her Instagram profile (which was ultimately shared to YouTube), the “Cash Me Outside” girl explained that she was just trying to defend her mother from the other passenger.

“Danielle says the other woman put her hands on her mom, and that’s why she had to ‘cold-cock’ the allegedly impatient passenger,” TMZ adds.

“After Danielle uncorked the punch, the alleged victim made a citizen’s arrest until police arrived and took all three off the plane.”

Police ultimately concurred that fault fell on all three passengers and no arrests were made. Danielle, Barbara Ann, and the female assaulter have alleged that are currently speaking to legal counsel on the violent matter.

The Spirit Airlines incident is just the latest chapter for wild child Danielle, who, as the Daily Beast notes, gained widespread attention following her appearance on an “out-of-control teen” theme Dr. Phil episode earlier this year. While speaking to the television personality about her everyday life during filming, an audience member’s snide remark caused the 13-year-old to respond with her now-infamous clap back, “cash me outside, how bow dat?”

Since appearing on the show, Bregoli has used her notoriety to create a mobile game app, titled Cash Me Outside, and has gained a massive following on her social media profiles, thanks to the popularity she has received from those who inadvertently made her a viral star by invoking her quote on hundreds of memes and copy-cat videos.

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An upcoming second Dr. Phil appearance has recently been teased as “The Return of the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl,” and is set to air sometime next week, so says People.

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