Jeff Dunham: Falcons Vs. Patriots, Super Bowl Picks By Walter & Co. [Video]

The guys at comedian Jeff Dunham’s house made their picks ahead of the New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51 game, which ended with the Patriots defeating the Falcons 34-28 on Sunday at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

It was rip-roaring fun at Dunham’s house as the gang — Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Peanut, Walter, Bubba J, Jose, and Sweet Daddy Dee — shared their picks for the Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl 51 game ahead of the Sunday event (see video below).

In the video, Peanut assures everyone that “nothing is cooler than the Super Bowl” and that he loves football. Then he tries to prove it by showing off his skills. But the loquacious purple-skinned woozle’s football skills are way behind his skills at throwing four-letter word insults back at hard-throwing opponents.

Grumpy old retiree Walter made a deal with his wife that if she doesn’t talk during the entire Super Bowl, he would remain quiet when she makes him go to see the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie — “Good God!”

Walter’s pick are the Cheaters… er… the Patriots. He suggests that the Patriots could try to win the game through Tom Brady using the “deflategate” strategy like he did against the Indianapolis Colts in 2015. And Brady might have used the “deflategate” strategy successfully; how else do you explain his team’s incredible comeback from 28-3 to win 34-28?

We also learn why Walter is an old grouch who never smiles.

“My wife asks me why I don’t smile as much as Tom Brady. I said, look who he’s married to, look who I’m married to.”

The jalapeno pepper on a stick, Jose, won’t go to the Super Bowl because he can’t stand fans shouting like supporters at a “giant Trump rally.” But there are other reasons why the Latino doesn’t want to go to the Super Bowl — the hard tackles trigger PTSD flashbacks of the rough tackling he endured at the U.S. border while trying to slip into the country illegally. Yet, he vows to make use of experience gained at the U.S. border by sneaking illegally into the game instead of wasting money buying over-priced Super Bowl tickets.

“I don’t have tickets to the Super Bowl, but it’s OK. I know how to get into places illegally.”

Achmed the Dead Terrorist has tickets to the Super Bowl, but he did not reckon with Trump wielding his presidential pen at the wrong moment. It looks like the paradoxically living skeletal corpse of an incompetent suicide bomber would miss a chance to set off another “premature detonation” because he is being detained at the airport days before the Super Bowl due to Trump’s Muslim ban. But we don’t know whether he eventually made it to the Super Bowl after a federal judge blocked Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

However, Achmed’s Super Bowl pick is the New England Infidels… er… umh… the Patriots.


“Silence, I keel you!”

Bubba J shares some typical ribald “redneck” jokes about “Beer/Bare Nuts” at the Super Bowl. He is cautious about making a pick, saying that “the last time I was this careful picking anything, I had to use a tissue.”

But he finally makes his pick — the Falcons — because “everyone else says it’s gonna be Hillary.”

The politically incorrect beer-guzzling redneck later offers a deeper insight into why he thinks the Atlanta Falcons would win. The team with the least number of white guys always wins. Of course “we all know how it works” in the era of affirmative action, not to mention “white genocide.”

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is one of North America’s most popular stand-up comedians. He was described by Slate as “America’s favorite comedian.”

He has appeared on Comedy Central, the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show. He has sold millions of DVDs and received hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s debut in Spark of Insanity (see video above) is ranked among the most watched YouTube videos of all time.

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