Scarlett Johansson Breast Pump Controversy After Smuggling It Into 2015 Oscars

Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she managed to smuggle a breast pump into the 2015 Oscar awards but things took an interesting turn after the bag was taken away.

Johansson explained that she had given birth just five months before the Oscars, meaning she was lactating at the time the event took place. She added that she had no choice but to sneak in her breast pump into the 2015 event thanks to her friend Kelly Ripa. Johansson would have carried a small clutch bag if things were different but the breast pump was a little too big, which is why she opted for a bigger bag. The two ladies did not anticipate what happened next.

Scarlett Johansson breast pump controversy
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“I had to bring my breast pump because I was nursing and every ounce is like liquid gold,” Scarlett told Marie Claire.

Mark Consuelos accidentally takes the bag to a party

Scarlett revealed that things got a little complicated after Mark Consuelos accidentally ended up with the bag, which had the breast pump in it and it eventually ended up at a party. The 45-year-old offered to help out by holding the bag. He had accompanied his wife Ripa and Scarlett to the Oscar awards but they were all oblivious of the dramatic turn that their evening would take.


Their vehicles got separated

Unfortunately, Johansson’s vehicle got separated with Mark and Kelly’s ride. Also, the bag with the breast pump also happened to be in the same car that the couple was riding in. Ripa then noticed that the bag was in their vehicle, and she instantly became worried because she knew that Scarlett would panic.

“Wait a minute — is that Scarlett’s breast pump? We’ve got to get it back!” Ripa told her husband upon noticing the bag with the breast pump in it.

Scarlett explained that Ripa knew that she would get worried which is why her first instinct was to make sure that the bag was returned. It was quite important for the Lucy actress to get the breast pump back because the breast milk was obviously important for her child’s growth and Kelly was also aware of this. Fortunately, the three ended up at the same party about three hours later and Mark apologized for the confusion.

Scarlett Johansson breast pump controversy
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Scarlett’s daughter, Rose, is now 2-years-old. The actress has been doing a great job maintaining a balance between her busy acting career and raising her daughter. As for her relationship life, things have not been so great between the Hollywood star and her baby daddy, Romain Dauriac. It was revealed just a month ago that Johansson and Dauriac parted ways last summer.

The actress also talked about the inequality in Hollywood during a recent interview. She stated that she still goes through some level of discrimination despite being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She also stated that she had been encouraged by some people to talk about her struggles so that she could encourage other people, while also shedding light on the issue. Scarlett stated that it is especially tough for women. She added that she had to fight for everything, including equal pay.


Despite going through many struggles during her acting journey, Johansson’s hard work has clearly paid off. She has so far enjoyed a great career and has even scooped major roles such as Black Widow in Marvel’s superhero films such as The Avengers. She plays a significant part in the film and also been in other high-grossing movies such as Lucy. Her impressive resume is certainly going to be vital towards ensuring longevity in her career.

Motherhood has also been quite a journey for Scarlett. It has not been easy for her to juggle work life with raising her daughter though it has been an enlightening journey for her. Scarlett’s story about her breast pump at the Oscars provides a peek into her off-screen life.

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