Melania Trump ‘Perilously Behind’ On White House Easter Egg Roll Plans [Opinion]

Melania Trump With A Big Smile

If you thought Hillary Clinton was going to break the glass ceiling, keep your eye on Melania Trump. While her husband sits in the Oval Office, the East Wing remains dark and empty. This may speak to how Melania will address what is considered by many to be the traditional duties of the first lady. Just in case you haven’t noticed, there is nothing traditional about Melania Trump at all when comparing her to her predecessors.

Donald Trump is attempting to reboot the presidency into a new century, and it appears Melania Trump also has some ideas for the modern-day first lady. Putting effort into the White House Easter Egg Roll was probably not something the nation would expect of Bill Clinton if Hillary were to be sitting where Donald Trump sits today.

Politico calls the East Wing office assigned to Melania Trump “the loneliest spot in the White House.” Melania Trump flew to their Mar-A-Lago residence to catch the Super Bowl with her husband this weekend. She was there just long enough for the media to document the first lady wearing three different outfits. Melania Trump flew in and was soon gone again, much like her weekend for President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

SMH News reports “there are whispers about Melania’s elusive and sphinx-like behavior.” As a result of Melania being an “elusive” first lady, “the East Wing is perilously behind in planning for the Easter Egg Roll.” The perils of the Easter egg roll sarcastically bring up the point that there are many people out there who seriously expect Melania to fulfill these type of duties as the nation’s first lady.

For those who act as if Melania is snubbing her duties, maybe Laura Bush’s former chief of staff can shed some light on what is expected, or rather not expected, of the first lady.

Anita McBride said, “We have become accustomed with the activism of the first lady, but there’s nothing that is required and there really is no specific job description for the first lady.” She also stated that “Each occupant gets to rewrite how they want to handle it.”

From the beginning of this nation to modern-day history, most of the new first ladies stepped into their role and were suddenly attending to the exact same duties as her White House predecessor. This made each new first lady appear as a cookie-cutter version of the last when it came to carving out their place within the White House. But is Melania Trump someone you would expect to be a cookie-cutter version of anyone?

Donald Trump marches to the beat of a totally different drummer, so why would America expect Melania to float in and out of those White House rooms orchestrating teas, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas tree lightings? As McBride said, the first ladies of the nation have a choice to “rewrite how they want to handle it.”

Melania appears to be a first lady who is running with that option. She might very well break the mold of the traditional first lady, and many may find this as a welcome change. During the few speaking engagements for Melania along Trump’s campaign trail, it wasn’t the White House Easter Egg Roll that she couldn’t wait to get her hands on. No, she specifically mentioned it was the online bullying going on today that she wanted to tackle. She is well aware of how this bullying is devastating the lives of many kids.

Michelle Obama took on nutrition for kids and Laura Bush had reading as her priority for the nation’s children. Unlike her predecessors, Melania has stepped into her role as the first lady at a time in the nation that is very different. Things have changed drastically, even from the days when Michelle Obama first stepped foot into the White House.

The online world has become a virtual reality, and the kids of today spend a good deal of time in that reality instead of the here and now. People have chastised Melania for taking on the online bullying when they consider her husband a man who has done his fair share of bullying online himself. But President Trump has done nothing more than he promised from the beginning.

Trump said he wouldn’t start it, but if someone comes after him, he’ll hit back harder and that is what the nation has seen from Trump so far. He is not going after children, just the adults who threw the first punches. What Melania has experienced as a mother is to see her 10-year-old son become the target of bullying by adults online.

There’s no need to rehash these events because unless you’ve been living on a deserted island, you are well aware of the people, some very well-known, who have targeted Barron online. The days of the first lady concerning herself with Easter egg rolls may be coming to an end. Melania Trump may be the first wife of a president to break that glass ceiling for the first ladies of the future.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]