Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Meghan's 'Promise Ring' Has An 'H' For Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to become another royal fairytale romance if recent signs are anything to go by. After an intense five weeks in which Meghan and Prince Harry tested their closeness after Markle "virtually moved into" the prince's two bedroom cottage at Kensington Palace, the Daily Mail reports that Meghan was spotted on Monday with something very special on her finger.

The Suits actress was out shopping in London when eagle eyed passers by noticed a "gold promise band" on her right-hand ring finger. Close up photos of Markle's ring make it totally obvious what the new jewelry is all about. There's a distinct 'H' woven into the ring's design, and that initial can only stand for one person in Meghan's life right now: Prince Harry.

According to the Daily Star, Meghan's new promise ring is seen by delighted royal watchers as a clear sign that things are about to get very serious between the British prince and the American actress.

"It has left royal supporters in no doubt she is soon to become America's princess."
Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a gold promise ring and fans are hoping it's a sign that Meghan and Prince Harry will soon be engaged.
Royal watchers are hoping that Meghan Markle will soon be joining Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton when she becomes Prince Harry's wife. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Meghan is even beginning to look the part of an upper-class English rose fit to marry a prince. She "looked British country chic in Hunter wellies and a green Barbour-style jacket," typical everyday wear for a royal princess candidate in Britain.

E! News writes that the pretty ring on Meghan's finger is probably a "subtle ode to her royal beau," and this week's new ring spotting isn't the first time that Meghan and Prince Harry have used jewelry to quietly express their mutual love.

On another occasion, Markle wore a necklace "decorated with the letters M and H," and both the prince and his girlfriend often sport matching, beaded "love bracelets."

With all the excitement over the first pic of Meghan and Harry holding hands in public still making waves, the promise ring is creating a near frenzy amid growing "rumors of an impending engagement." Even bookmakers are taking the engagement rumors seriously, and Alex Donohue, of Ladbrokes, said that it's a near certainty that Markle and Prince Harry will be engaged before 2017 is over.

"Royal watchers think it's a certainty the pair get engaged this year and as such we've had no choice but to cut the odds of Harry finally getting hitched."
There are other signs that the couple are preparing for the big announcement. Prince Harry, 32, was observed to be far more "relaxed about being photographed" with Markle than he's been with previous girlfriends. That calmness on Harry's part is seen to be "a sign of how seriously he is taking the relationship."
"She is beautiful, accomplished, whip-smart and has all the humanitarian credentials that Harry so admires."
Meghan Markle is considered by many to be the perfect match for Prince Harry,
Meghan Markle is beautiful, smart, and dedicated to humanitarian causes that are so important to Prince Harry. [Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

On her part, Markle, 35, has reportedly hired a dog sitter for her two rescue dogs, Guy and Bogart. The dogs live with the actress in her Toronto home, but now that Meghan is spending so much of her free time in London with Prince Harry, she's had to find someone to help take care of her pets. An insider says that she "wants to spend as much time as she can in London."

Another indication that Meghan is taking her relationship with Prince Harry quite seriously is the change in how she uses social media. In the past, Markle, who is also a lifestyle blogger, was "prolific" on her social media accounts, but recently, she's taken a step back. During a charity trip to India in January, Markle politely ignored the "handpicked media," and said nothing online about her activities. She hasn't posted on Instagram since December 11.

What do you think? Is the romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the real thing? Will they announce their engagement in 2017?

[Featured Images by by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Glamour and Richard Stonehouse - WPA Pool/Getty Images]