Lauren Bushnell Breaks Silence About Ben Higgins Breakup And It’s Not Good News

Bachelor fans have been freaking out about Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s relationship status amidst rumors that the couple recently ended their engagement. Just days after Ben posted a rather cryptic statement about their relationship on Instagram, Lauren finally addressed the breakup chatter and made it clear that they are having problems.

Although Ben and Lauren have not issued a formal breakup statement, Lauren admitted in her latest Instagram post (photo below) that they are trying to make things work.

However, many fans continue to buzz about the obvious breakup clues outlined below, with one follower (@beity95) commenting about the photo, “Could the caption be any worse? She might as well tattoo on her head – this relationship doesn’t work.”

“We ain’t perfect but we’re trying,” the former flight attendant captioned the photo she posted on Monday, one day after she returned to Colorado after vacationing without Ben in Mexico.

Fans immediately questioned why, if Lauren was back home, she posted a photo that was taken months ago while the couple was filming Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After.

Her Snapchat cleared that up — read on to find out why.

Bachelor fans who follow Lauren on Snapchat saw that she was back in Colorado on Sunday but enjoyed the Super Bowl at her friend’s house — Ben was not in any of her photos or videos.

On Monday, it was clear that she was still at her friend Megan Cey Bell‘s house; her Snapchat story showed Lauren enjoying some time with her friend’s young daughter.

Although Ben and Lauren are doing their best to squash the rumors about their possible breakup, fans are aware of how the breakup timeline typically works for Bachelor couples who are on the verge of a breakup, including no recent photos together and cryptic posts about their relationship.

And then there’s the tweet from Ben that really sparked some interest. While Lauren was celebrating her birthday in Mexico with her mother and sister, Ben posted a happy birthday wish to his fiancee, but it was written as if they were friends, not lovers.

“It’s @LaurenBushnell3 birthday today! Happy birthday!” Ben tweeted.

Perhaps he just tweeted quickly, but the love factor was sorely missing from his friendly tweet.

Meanwhile, Lauren is planning her next trip and asked her Instagram followers where she should go next. And her followers who are hoping her next trip will be her honeymoon may be disappointed to find out that Ben has revealed that he has no idea when they will get married.

Ben recently told E! Online that the couple needed “a break” after they finished filming their reality show last year. He stated that although he has talked to Lauren about planning a wedding, they just don’t have a good idea of when that will happen.

“We’re both ready to start planning, but we needed a break between finishing filming and then the holidays happened. 2017 I hope is the year that we have huge steps in either getting married or having a really good idea of when we’re getting married, but right now we don’t.”

Will fans see Ben and Lauren get married on a Bachelor wedding special, or will they eventually admit that their relationship is not working out and issue a breakup statement?

Reality Steve recently addressed the situation on his blog and said although he doesn’t have any solid information, he feels that “something is up” with Ben and Lauren’s relationship.

He goes on to say that when couples start to show changes in social media — including Lauren removing “fiancee” from her Instagram bio — that it’s usually a sign the relationship is not going well.

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