Roger Goodell Clown Shirt: Patriots’ Matt Patricia Pokes Fun At NFL Bigwig

It is being called the Goodell clown shirt today, which is a shirt depicting a huge image of Roger Goodell’s face made-up to look like a clown. It was worn by Matt Patricia, the Patriots’ defense coordinator, as the New England Patriots stepped off their plane at Logan Airport. The Pats were coming home from their big Super Bowl win, so the nation’s eyes were on this team as they made their way off the plane and onto the tarmac.

This Goodell clown shirt made its debut as Matt Patricia walked off the plane, starting an instant buzz online and in the news. This clown shirt appears to be taking a poke at Roger Goodell, who is the NFL commissioner. Patricia apparently decided to give the clown shirt its premiere now that the Patriots have made Super Bowl history.

Patriots’ defense coordinator Matt Patricia was captured in photos wearing that shirt when arriving back in Boston Monday night, and the pictures soon went viral online. This makes the second Patriots’ shirt in less than 24 hours to make the news. The first, of course, was Tom Brady’s missing game jersey.

Patricia had to know someone would spot his Goodell clown depiction as the team was met by a cheering crowd to welcome the winning Super Bowl team back home. He made no attempt to hide Goodell’s image painted up like a clown by covering it up with a coat. Patricia stepped onto the tarmac with Goodell’s clown face front and center on his shirt.

If this was indeed a statement that he believes Goodell is a clown and wants that message sent out to the masses, he couldn’t have picked a better time to wear his Goodell clown shirt. Patriots’ fans swarmed to Login to welcome home the New England team and the news media was out in full force. With all this attention, the Goodell clown shirt made quite the debut.

While reporting on the Goodell clown shirt, the Boston Globe writes, “Seems like even a historic comeback Super Bowl victory won’t completely smooth over the fraught feelings of Deflategate.”

The Deflategate debacle was not only on the minds of the Patriots, but it seems that it is far from a distant memory for the fans as well.

When Goodell handed Bob Kraft the Vince Lombardi trophy, the boos emerged from the crowd of Patriots’ fans. Kraft, who is the owner of the Pats, seemingly dissed Goodell as well. He made a reference to Brady’s four-game suspension while being interviewed by Terry Bradshaw after getting that trophy, reports the Washington Times.

Pictures of Patricia in the Goodell clown shirt have gone viral today, as has the search for Tom Brady’s missing game jersey. The T-shirt is thought to be a message that Deflategate is still an open wound and is a way of poking Goodell with a stick. Many thought that Deflategate would be put to rest after the big Super Bowl win, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Just days before the Super Bowl, Tom Brady’s father was not shy about his feelings over Goodell’s treatment of his son during the Deflategate debacle. His anger came through loud and clear and Brady needed to ban his father from the media until the Patriots could get through the Super Bowl, reports NBC News.

Now that the New England Patriots got through the Super Bowl, conquered it and made many historic firsts during this big game, it seems the floodgates for Goodell slamming may have opened once again. Brady himself threw a subtle hint in a commercial that aired after the Super Bowl. In the ad, the Pats quarterback is seen putting all five of his Super Bowl rings in a locker as a bystander suggests with those five rings he is going to need a bigger locker. Brady’s response was “Roger that.”

[Featured Image by David J. Phillip/AP Images]