Luis D. Ortiz At The Super Bowl And In Cuba Before Big Move To Paris, France?

Luis D. Ortiz announced that he was moving to Paris, France about a month ago. Last summer, Ortiz revealed that he was quitting real estate in New York and he was leaving Million Dollar Listing: New York. Many people did not understand why Ortiz would leave such a successful show and a growing career, but Luis revealed that he simply wasn’t happy. He wanted to do something else, and he wanted out of New York and out of real estate. Luis announced his decision on the Million Dollar Listing: New York season finale. He spent the summer traveling, and he recently revealed that he’s moving across the ocean to France.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz hasn’t slowed down even though he’s ready to move to Paris. Instead of enjoying New York’s cafes, having dinner with friends and soaking in everything that New York has to offer before he leaves, Luis is actually doing plenty of other things. This weekend, he traveled to Houston to attend the Super Bowl, and it sounds like he had a great time.

“Wow just wow!! Look at my Snapchat story to witness history!!” Luis D. Ortiz revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of himself at the Super Bowl, all the way down near the field.

“Ryan was there too. Did you guys meet up? Always wondering if that friendship continues,” one person wrote to Luis D. Ortiz, sharing the news that Ryan Serhant and his wife, Emilia Bechrakis, had also been in attendance.

Of course, Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan may still be friends, but since Luis announced his exit from real estate many months ago, it is possible that they haven’t stayed in touch. They appeared to get along on the show during Ortiz’s last season, even though Luis and Fredrik have grown closer. And both Luis and Fredrik accused Ryan of buying his followers on social media.

While the two of them didn’t get a picture together, it sounds like Luis D. Ortiz is keeping very busy these days. Not only is he learning how to speak French by listening to French music and watching movies from France, but he’s also traveling. He was recently in Cuba, exploring everything that the country had to offer. He’s certainly not staying in New York, taking in everything before he leaves. While he has eaten at his favorite places and visited his local cafes, it sounds like he prefers to travel outside of New York these days.

“Havana is very very beautiful. The spirit of it’s people is extraordinary and alive! The food was spectacular and so was it’s music. It is also very very poor. And, while the people are in love with their country their opportunities are almost non existent. This is what I was able to see and hear with and from the locals in the short time I spent there. Some say that they want to go to Cuba before its “ruined” by the US, but we should keep in mind that what may seem to be aesthetically pleasing to us, it’s a harsh and terrible reality for them. Even though I had an amazing time with my brother and friends, my eyes where opened on this trip and I am glad they were. I will for sure be visiting again many times in the future,” Luis D. Ortiz explained in an Instagram post about Cuba, a place he recently spent some time.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s decision to travel to Cuba and Houston just weeks before leaving for Paris, France? Do you think he’s prepared to move to Paris in a few weeks, as he’s scheduled to move to Paris on March 1?

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