Amber Portwood: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Time With Leah, Fans Criticize Matt Baier

Amber Portwood canceled her wedding to Matt Baier last year after learning that he had pursued several of her Teen Mom co-stars before dating her. Amber learned that Matt had pursued both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, but after they both turned him down, he decided to pursue Portwood. The two of them met up and started dating. But Farrah and Jenelle both wanted her to reconsider the relationship and their marriage, as they didn’t think he was being super honest about his life and how much he knew about Teen Mom.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now hinting that she’s focusing on her daughter. While she’s still dating Matt, her business and her daughter appear to be her top priorities these days. On her social media, Amber is often sharing new pictures of the clothes she’s added to her website Forever Haute, and she’s proud of everything she’s been able to do thus far. In addition, Portwood is also spending time with her daughter Leah, who has been living with her father.

“Doing our make-up together..She said she wants to be just like mommy…I swear I love her soo much sending so much love,” Amber Portwood revealed in a tweet, sharing that she loves spending time with her daughter.

She also loves how they are bonding now that they are finding a balance in how they are spending their time together.

For a long time, Gary wasn’t exactly eager to give Portwood more time with their daughter. On Teen Mom OG, he says that he wants to work with Amber to figure out something for Leah that’s good for them both, but Amber has revealed that she never really sees her daughter. It sounds like they are finally trying to find a custody agreement that works so Leah can see her mother. And based on Amber Portwood’s tweet, it sounds like Leah enjoys hanging out with her mother and playing around with makeup.

And while Amber Portwood is getting time with her daughter, it sounds like some viewers are still skeptical about Baier. While Portwood claims that she loves Matt, some people think that he may be using her for fame, especially since he had pursued two other Teen Mom stars before her. In addition, he has scored a book deal since they started dating, and rumor has it that he’s starting a band to possibly find even more fame.

“Hopefully she finds a real man. Unlike Matt. And I know him. From Winthrop Mass. You are better than this. Trust me,” one person wrote to Amber Portwood, warning her about Matt, adding when one person asked him about Matt, “There’s too much to mention. Just notice he has no friends from his home town. We know him. She doesn’t.”

Of course, several people have stepped forward to share information about Matt and not in a positive way. After learning that he had several children, Portwood was shocked. And his children started speaking out, calling him a deadbeat dad. Some people want her to dump him, so she can keep moving forward with her own daughter Leah.

“You’ve grown up to be such a great loving Momma! I’m so darn proud of you!! Keep up the awesome work! God bless y’all,” one person revealed to Amber Portwood after she shared the picture with Leah, while another person added, “Leah loves you always know a child who follows mommy’s ways is in love your her idol ‘mommy’.”

What do you think of Amber Portwood’s decision to spend more time with her daughter? Do you think it is awesome that Gary is finally letting Portwood see her daughter more?

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