‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: Girls Rule In Season 3 As Rebecca Vows To ‘Destroy’ Josh

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will return fro Season 3

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended its second season on a rather dark note, but will Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) seek revenge—or the comfort of friends?

Season 2 of the CW musical comedy ended with the high-strung lawyer vowing revenge on the object of her obsession, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) after he jilted her at the altar. “Josh Chan must be destroyed,” she declared.

During a recent press screening of the finale episode, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend executive producer Aline Brosh McKenna said Rebecca’s squad, which includes Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), Heather (Vella Lovell) and unlikely new pal Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), will be her side as she makes her next move—but even that won’t be smooth.

"We're gonna braid each other's hair then cut each other's braids connect the braids to build a rope to hang all of Congress" • Squad Goals in full throttle tonight on the season finale of #CrazyExGirlfriend! 9/8c on @thecw • Photo: Behind the Scenes w @gabrielleruiz @vellamarie @donna_lynne_champlin & @racheldoesstuff. #rachelbloom #season2 #donnalynnechamplin #gabrielleruiz #vellalovell #bridalparty #bridetobe #girlpower

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“I think all of these women are going to try and come encircle her and support her in whatever way they can, in the way that you do when a friend has been jilted and publicly humiliated in front of a lot of people,” Brosh McKenna told reporters, according to E! News. “I mean, this is going to get the tongues wagging in West Covina, for sure.”

Indeed, the posse will be all in when it comes to helping their disgraced BFF “destroy” her ex.

“If that happened to you, no one would be surprised that you’d be like, ‘F that guy,'” Brosh McKenna said, according to Bustle.

“But your girlfriends for sure would be like, ‘Something must be done.’ I don’t think she necessarily needs to make a secret of it because obviously, he did something publicly terrible to her, which he hadn’t really done in the past. The town and everyone knows that she is now someone who has been left at the altar and that’s a big deal. “

While girl power will rule next season, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend showrunner says Rebecca’s relationship with her bestie Paula will endure a few bumps because the crazy ex lied to her about her elevator kiss with new boss Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster).

“What [Paula] doesn’t know is the extent she’s been lied to,” Brosh McKenna told reporters. “She doesn’t know about the kiss; she doesn’t know that’s why the wedding has been moved up. She doesn’t know about any of that stuff. As we know, Paula is very, very sensitive to having been lied to. There are some other shoes to drop there. Their relationship is never clean.”

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend took a twisted turn in the Season 2 finale episode when it showed a very dark side of Rebecca Bunch. After she began calling everyone Robert, viewers found out that she previously snapped when the married Harvard Law professor she was having an affair with refused to leave his wife for her. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend character went on to burn her lover’s house down before being ordered to a mental health facility. Rebecca’s personal low point came when she had to “settle” for going to Yale Law School instead of Harvard after committing the fire felony.

While viewers have now seen the “craziest” side of Rebecca with her arson back-story, in an interview with Parade, series star Rachel Bloom said her character isn’t the only “crazy” one on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I think everyone on the show has shown themselves to be a bit crazy,” the Golden Globe-winning actress told Parade. “The character Greg [Santino Fontana] said, ‘Settle for me.’ That’s a crazy thing to do, to woo someone by saying, ‘I know I’m second choice, but go for me anyway.’ So I think that we all do things that are crazy.”

Bloom also revealed that going forward, her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend character is truly just looking for happiness—and she hopes her girls will come along for the ride.

“So you see Rebecca trying to have a girl group, trying to get over these guys,” she said. “The same thing with Paula really trying to change her life by going to law school.”

Is this relationship finally picture perfect? Watch the latest #CrazyExGirlfriend at the link in the bio to find out!

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As for Becks’ ex, he may or may not follow through with his impromptu decision to join the priesthood, especially since the main reason for his vocation is that he thinks the shirts are cool.

“He’s done no thinking, no serious research,” the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend showrunner said. “It’s a panic to flee, it’s a panic move. …It’s a path that he sees that in his mind is not hurting [Rebecca] in the same way. Because it’s not like he’s with another girl. He’s choosing something that in his mind is so exalted.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is slated to return for Season 3 later this fall on the CW.

Take a look at the video below to see Rebecca and Paula going crazy for death-metal on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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