Remembering Zsa Zsa Gabor

On Feb. 6, 1917, Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was brought into the world.


She was married for just one day.

Zsa Zsa had nine husbands throughout her lifetime. Seven of whom she divorced. Her first marriage was to Burhan Belge and her second was to Conrad Hilton.

In 1938, Zsa Zsa was briefly married to Felipe de Alba. The marriage, however, only lasted one day due to the fact that Zsa Zsa was not officially divorced from Michael O’Hara.

Zsa Zsa’s complete marriage history: Prince Frederick Von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony (1986-December 18, 2016, her death); Felipe De Alba (1982 for one day, marriage was invalid); Michael O’Hara (1977-1982, divorced); Jack Ryan (1975-1976, divorced); Joshua Cosden, Jr. (1966-1967, divorced); Herbert Hutner, (1964-1966, divorced); George Sanders (1949-1954, divorced); Conrad Hilton (1942-1948, divorced); Burhan Belge (1940-1941, divorced)

She was escorted off of a plane in 1989

According to CNN, Gabor was escorted off of a plane in 1989 when Delta Air Lines employees refused to allow her two Shih Tzu dogs to travel with her unkenneled on a flight from Los Angeles to Palm Beach.

She was an extreme diva

According to Kveller, Gabor held up the taping of The New Hollywood Squares because she broke a fingernail.


She’s the great-grandmother of Nicky and Paris Hilton

When Gabor passed in 2016, Paris Hilton wrote a tribute on Twitter stating, “Sad to hear the news Zsa Zsa Gabor’s passing. My great grandfather and her made such a beautiful couple. May she rest in peace.”


She began her career as an opera singer

Zsa Zsa – originally named Sari Gabor – was born in 1917 to Jewish parents. Shortly after studying at a Swiss boarding school, Zsa Zsa was discovered by opera tenor Richard Tauber on a trip to Vienna in 1934. Immediately impressed, Tauber invited her to sing the soubrette role in his new operetta.

She was crowned Miss Hungary

In 1936, Zsa Zsa was crowned Miss Hungary, but was later disqualified because she lied about her age.

She sued her very own daughter

Zsa Zsa only had one child – a daughter named Francesca. According to Gabor, Francesca was born as a result of a rape.

When Gabor’s second husband passed in 1979, he left Francesca $100,000. In 2005, Gabor filed a lawsuit against Francesca accusing her of fraud alleging that she had forged her mother’s signature to get a $2 million loan.

Francesca passed in 2015 at the age of 67.

She was an author

Zsa Zsa wrote several self-help books inspired by her love life. Some of her titles include, How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Complete Guide to Men, and her memoir, One Lifetime Is Not Enough.

Her first book – Every Man for Herself – was a novel co-written in 1944 with German writer Victoria Wolf.

She was arrested for slapping a police officer

At the ripe age of 72, Gabor spent three days in jail and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service for slapping a police officer.

Below are some favorite Zsa Zsa quotes.

  • “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.”
  • “I believe that in life you should always take the serious things lightly and the light things seriously. This attitude of mine gets me into a lot of trouble.”
  • “Being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going to make you more beautiful.”
  • “I’m a marvelous housekeeper — every time I leave a man, I keep his house.”
  • “Any woman who diets all the time can’t help but be grouchy. Nobody can be amusing or entertaining on a diet.”
  • “I tell you, in this world being a little crazy helps to keep you sane.”
  • “Love should be an inspiration, not an obligation.”

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