‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Episode 6 ‘Hounded’ [Video]

The Walking Deadspoiler alerts for Episode 6 “Hounded” appear to reveal who is on the other end of the ringing phone in the prison boiler room. During a recent interview, one of the show producer’s eluded to the fact that fans of the comic book series “may” have a leg up on the rest on viewers of the AMC hit series.

According to the Spoil The Dead website, it is indeed Lori on the other end of the line. Fans of Mrs. Grimes, or simply those who love to hate Rick’s significant other, should not get too excited about the storyline development though. Lori is really dead and dialing long distance from the other side.

In The Walking Dead comic book series, the ringing telephone is merely emotional folly induced by Rick’s scattered mental state. The zombie with the bloated stomach in The Walking Dead Episode 5 apparently consumed Lori, all but the strands of her mangled hair which stuck to his gnarly fingernails.

Although a grave was dug for Carol, there is no confirmation that she has become zombie bait. The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that she will be found in the next episode by Daryl. The soft-hearted bow hunter allegedly goes looking for his friend and potential love interest after finding a knot tied in the same manner she always uses. TWD spoiler alerts indicate that although Carol is alive, she is not in too healthy of a state, according to Examiner.

Perhaps the pair will share a long-awaited embrace and Daryl will emerge from a remote prison cell carrying Carol back to Hershel for aid. Maggie and Glenn go on a formula and bullets run into town and supposedly get abducted. Michonne attempts to thwart the kidnapping attempt with a warning spelled out in zombie parts but is unsuccessful. She finds the prison and meets Rick, who has just emerged from his “phone call” with Lori.

Will Glenn and Maggie be taken for an audience with the Governor?