WWE News: John Cena’s Words To Ref After Record-Tying World Title Were Awesome

There were a lot of things that took place at the Royal Rumble just one week ago, but perhaps the best match of the night was the WWE Championship bout between AJ Styles and John Cena. WWE referee Charles Robinson was in the ring as Cena won his record-tying 16th world title, and it was very fitting for him to count the pinfall. After the match was over, there was a moment between the two in the ring and Cena’s words to the guy known as “Little Naitch” were awesome.

John Cena’s victory over AJ Styles for the WWE Championship was big in so many ways. The match itself was great and fans were treated to a couple of WWE superstars leaving it all out in the ring and giving them everything they had.

After it was over, Cena had tied a mark set by Ric Flair in world titles won, and Charles Robinson counted the pinfall to get him there.

john cena royal rumble world title charles robinson royal rumble aj styles
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The official website of WWE spoke with Charles Robinson not long after he counted Styles’ shoulders down for the count, and he spoke of a moment in the ring with Cena afterward. Robinson handed the belt to Cena, the two shook hands, gave each other a hug, and they spoke about the time.

“We were just talking about how cool it was that I’ve reffed for Ric Flair so many times and now I’m refereeing his 16th title and tying [it] up with Ric. He thought that was pretty freaking cool.”

During his time in WCW, Charles Robinson was not only assigned to referee a lot of his good friend’s matches, but he was often seen as another version of “The Nature Boy.” The two were connected in so many ways back in the day, and fans loved it.

There was even a time when Charles Robinson had his hair bleached and he even received his own bejeweled robe to complete the look.

john cena royal rumble world title charles robinson royal rumble aj styles
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Charles Robinson has been a referee for professional wrestling since 1993 when he was with the Pro Wrestling Federation. In 1997, he joined WCW until it was bought and shut down by WWE in 2001. Since then, he has been with Vince McMahon’s company and is one of the most well-respected in the world.

John Cena’s record-tying victory may be short-lived as One India reports he is rumored to lose the title at the Elimination Chamber in one week. Whether that happens or not, you can’t take away the great accomplishment he made by winning his 16th world championship.

WWE said that Robinson appeared to be a bit choked up and emotional after Cena’s win over AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. Considering how iconic that moment was, it meant a lot to Little Naitch.

“It was probably one of the top honors I’ve ever had. John Cena is up there with the greatest of all time, in my opinion. I don’t care what any of the fans say, or how they boo, or whatever — to me, now, he’s the man. I texted John after the show and said, ‘You are the man.’ And, you know, he’s great. He’s great with the fans. He’s great with everybody that he works with. He’s a true professional. Everything that he does is for the business. It was just an honor to be in the ring with him and hand him the title.”

The Royal Rumble had a lot of big things happen and Randy Orton winning the main event spot may have been the biggest of them all. Still, John Cena’s 16th world title win, which tied him with Ric Flair, was a moment for the record books. Charles Robinson spent a lot of time in storylines with Flair over the years in WCW and WWE, and it was great to see him share a moment with Cena when all was said and done with Cena’s win over AJ Styles.

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