Ivanka Trump And Chelsea Clinton Are, Or Were, Close Friends.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have been friends for years, keeping on with regular communication. Their lives have a great deal in common, so their companionship doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Ivanka and Chelsea have both established themselves as authoritative women who follow in the footsteps of prominent parents. Even outside of their parent’s shadows, they are strong, eloquent, and successful, spending the better part of their lives in the eyes of the public.

Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton ran for presidential office in 1992, Chelsea was thrown into the nation’s spotlight. She spent her awkward teen years living in the White House after her father took office in January of 1993.

[Image by Simon Bruty/ Getty Images] Chelsea Clinton with the Olympic swim team during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Growing into a young woman, Chelsea attended college at Stanford University. She started out studying pre-med, but eventually changed her major to history when Bill Clinton’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky made headlines throughout the nation. In Hillary Clinton’s autobiography, Living History, Chelsea was credited with being the glue that held her parent’s marriage together.

Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, was born in 1981. Like Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump also grew up with a great deal of public interest. At the age of 10, Donald Trump divorced Ivanka’s mother. By the time she was 14, Ivanka became one of the fashion industry’s most sought-after models. In 1997, she co-hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant and was photographed for the cover of Seventeen magazine.

[Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images] Ivanka Trump Models in 1998

As Ivanka Trump grew older, she became less interested in modeling and attended the University of Pennsylvania, studying business. It wasn’t long before Ivanka learned the ropes of the Trump organization. She also began a successful clothing line, which has since been removed from stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom due to threats of boycott. She also co-starred with her brothers on The Apprentice and wrote a bestselling book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life.

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump first met in 2003, shortly after Chelsea moved to New York City. They became fast friends and often found themselves at the same social gatherings and charity events. Their constant support for each other throughout the years was evident through their messages on social media. Donald Trump even invited the Clinton family to his wedding when he married Melania in 2005.

Ivanka and Chelsea married and had children around the same time. Both women gave birth while campaigning for their respective parents, who went head-to-head for the White House in 2016.

Politics, especially that which revolves around these two candidates, has the ability to divide families and tear friends apart. Prior to the election, Chelsea and Ivanka made a conscious decision to not let anything come between their friendship. Even though the relationship between Hillary and Donald became icy during the debates and election, Chelsea and Ivanka remained friends and even continued to support each other’s life events. Ivanka, in August of 2016, mentioned in an interview with Fox News that her friendship with Chelsea was still doing well.

“She’s a great girl and she’s a great friend to me. And obviously, the intensity, and scrutiny, at this moment in our lives is pretty extreme. We’re not the candidates. We’re the children of the candidates. We’ve stayed close to one another, maybe a little less publicly so, but she’s a good friend. We support each other. We never talked about politics before this campaign and it’s probably a good topic to avoid talking about now.”

In September, Chelsea took a cue from her friend and told The View that she and Ivanka have been friends long before this election and would be friends long after it as well. She added that their friendship didn’t start with politics and that it certainly wouldn’t end because of it.

There were numerous reports that Ivanka and Chelsea had chosen not to see each other, or continue on with plans for play dates between their children until the election was over. These plans were made in an effort to keep their special bond intact. Considering the hostility between the two presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this was probably a good plan.

That being said, in an interview with 20/20 right before the inauguration, Ivanka stated that Chelsea has “been a friend of mine long before the campaign, and of course will be a friend of mine after,” but she admitted that she has not spoken to Chelsea regarding “the specific challenges about this next chapter with her just yet,” indicating that the two still have not spoken, but do intend to.

Chelsea Clinton’s Twitter feed is generally very active, with over 1.3 million followers. Usually, her feed is filled with posts about child development, women’s health, or supporting words. Even after Hillary lost the election, Chelsea’s sound bites and social media posts were relatively bland. That is until January 27, when President Trump issued his executive order barring immigrant travel from seven Muslim-dominant countries.

On that day, and every day thereafter, Chelsea Clinton has been very vocal about her disdain for the way in which Donald Trump is running the country. She has recently even been involved in a Twitter war with Kellyann Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump. Could this indicate a change in friendship status between Chelsea and Ivanka? The only way to know for sure is for one, or both, women to speak up in regards to their friendship since the election. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened.

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