Jupiter Retrograde Begins: What You Need To Know About This Astrological Event

Even those who don’t closely follow astrology may have heard of the dreaded “Mercury retrograde” phenomena where communications get scrambled during this less than auspicious astrology period. But Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde. In fact, last year we experienced an unusual occurrence where five planets were retrograde at the same time. One of these planets was Jupiter, which is going retrograde again starting Monday, February 6, 2017. Since this is a reoccurring phenomenon, here are the details about this lesser-known astrological event.

Does Jupiter Retrograde Really Mean The Planet Is Going Backwards?

First, let’s clarify exactly what retrograde means. No, planets don’t reverse their course and start going in the opposite direction. The whole Jupiter retrograde, Mercury retrograde phenomena means that because of our perspective here on planet earth, these planets simply appear to go backward during retrograde phases. What retrograde means in the world of astrology is that the characteristics of that planet — and whatever astrological sign it’s in at the time — may be repressed or may be expressed more internally than externally. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on the circumstances for each individual. Regardless, planets go into retrograde on a regular basis and it doesn’t mean you need to cower and hide until your favorite planets start moving “forward” again.

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If Mercury Retrograde Is About Communication, What Does Jupiter Retrograde Represent?

Mercury represents written and oral communication in a person’s astrology chart, but Jupiter governs a whole different set of principles. According to Café Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good will. It’s also known for being the planet of expansion, including expanding your horizons like Sagittarius, the zodiac sign that Jupiter rules. On the positive side, it can also mean an increase in wealth as well as a great sense of humor. Those with a strong Jupiter influence in their chart can be the life of the party.

On the negative side, Jupiter can inspire those in its influence to overindulge a bit or even get caught up in a bit of blind optimism. Some astrologers who dabble in taboo subjects like the astrology of death have linked Jupiter in certain aspects to not only life-changing events but life-ending ones, in the sense of expanding your horizons outside your own body. Before you panic, please note this is only when Jupiter makes several aspects in specific zodiac signs, and any astrological aspect represents a tendency, not a destined outcome set in stone.

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So What Can I Expect During Jupiter Retrograde?

First of all, Jupiter is one of the outer planets of the solar system, meaning it moves slower than the planets closer to us, which means this period of Jupiter retrograde will last longer than the typical Mercury retrograde. Expect this Jupiter retrograde influence until around June 9, 2017.

Jupiter is in the sign of Libra when it goes retrograde, which is the zodiac sign representing relationships and balance, so that’s probably the area of your life where you’ll feel the influence the most. Elephant Journal noted that this Jupiter retrograde period will put those relationships under the microscope so that we can examine what does and doesn’t work for us.

“As Jupiter turns retrograde, anything that isn’t working will become more apparent. Our souls will naturally be drawn to those relationships where balance flows as freely as love.”

Many have been experiencing huge life changes over the last few months due to major aspects with outer planets and a period of having every planet in “forward” motion at once. While this may have brought about a lot of great progress, the pace has been exhausting. In that respect alone, Jupiter going retrograde may give us a bit of a breather through June 9, because the rest of the year will be bringing about a lot more big transformations on individual and global levels. See this as your chance to slow down and take a bit of a break.

So the gist of all of this is don’t worry. With Jupiter in retrograde, everything will still be all right. In fact, it will likely make things better in the end as you prune away the things that don’t work for you and prepare for a new period of growth and expansion.

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