#DressLikeAWoman Trending With Donald Trump’s Alleged Sexist Dress Code

After Donald Trump allegedly tried to enforce a sexist dress code upon members of his female staff at the White House, a Twitter storm was started and #DressLikeAWoman began trending on Twitter. In fact, there are now even more hashtags to go with the first one that apply to the Trump White House dress code controversy.

One of the other hashtags on Twitter that is currently trending teams up with #DressLikeAWoman and is #actlikeapresident. There are also a large number of female scientists who are tweeting images of themselves in surgery and doing scientific fieldwork with the hashtag #actuallivingscientist.

Poking fun and making a point after hearing about Donald Trump’s reported sexist White House dress code, one female scientist posted on Twitter, “Doing drug development research and growing a baby at the same time,” with both #DressLikeAWoman and #actuallivingscientist in the caption. Another scientist wrote, “I’m an #actualliving scientist studying dinosaurs and their modern living relatives, birds! In the field I #DressLikeAWoman.”

The source behind the claims that Donald Trump is allegedly enforcing a strict dress code for females at the White House is someone who worked on Trump’s presidential campaign, and this source claims that Donald is extremely serious about the dress code of women and believes that they should “look the part,” as MSN News reports.

It is also claimed by the same source that women around Donald Trump feel pressured to wear dresses and say that if any of them do wear jeans, “You need to look neat and orderly.”

“Women who worked in Trump’s campaign field offices, folks who spend more time knocking on doors than attending glitzy events, felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.”

However, male employees also are reportedly similarly scrutinized. Donald Trump is said to pay attention to the ties that men wear. “If it’s not a Trump tie, you can get away with Brooks Brothers. But I’d suggest Armani,” said the source. And Trump was said to have not been that impressed by the suit that his press secretary, Sean Spicer, wore during the first briefing he conducted.

Even though Donald Trump is picky over the attire of both sexes, it is the report that he feels the female staff of the White House should have a particular dress code that has upset the most people. There were further posts in the #DressLikeAWoman category, including females who are serving in the military, and they were also tweeting images of themselves with comments like, “Here I am, dressed like a woman, because I’m a woman wearing clothes.”

Aside from female scientists and women in the military, one Twitter poster named Dr. Judy Melinek wore a pearl necklace as a joke while she was conducting an autopsy. A female pastor, Linda Springer, showed people how you dress like a woman while in church, and the racing car driver Leilani Munter posted a photograph of herself in her suit outside of her car and showed the attire of a woman who races cars.

Donald Trump at Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2017.

While women around the world may be shocked at Donald Trump’s idea of a dress code for his White House staff, Trump has his own ideas about women. CNN has reported that Donald Trump even once said that “putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing,” which he said during an interview with ABC News in 1994.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s alleged sexist dress code for White House female staff and do you think #DressLikeAWoman on Twitter can help to change things?

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]