February 4, 2017
White House Dress Code Rumors Spark 'Dress Like A Woman' Trend On Twitter

Donald Trump is known as a man that has been accused of an attitude towards women that Forbes Magazine diplomatically refers to as "retrograde." He's known to be accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment by multiple women, all allegations that he denies. The latest allegation against Trump's alleged "retrograde" attitude towards women is that he is forcing female White House staffers to "dress like a woman" in what is being referred to as a new White House dress code.

The rumor about a White House dress code started a couple of days ago, when the International Business Times published a source that said women in the White House were being told to "dress like a woman." The alleged new White House dress code doesn't only apply to women however, as ties are reportedly a new fashion "must have" for men working in the White House, but for Steve Bannon who is reportedly exempt from this rule.

After Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared in his first press briefing, he too was reportedly told to clean up his look. Spicer's first press briefing occurred the day after Inauguration Day, where he gathered the White House press pool together on a Saturday to discuss the pressing national concern of the size of Inauguration Day crowds. Spicer appeared in a grey pinstripe suit that some described as "ill fitting" and not representative of the new White House image.

White House Dress Code Sean Spicer
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The International Business Times reported on February 2, that a White House source is talking about a new White House dress code. The new code allegedly includes ties for men, at all times, and a "dress like a woman" mandate for the ladies. It appears that Steve Bannon is the only White House staffer exempt from the alleged new tie rule.

The International Business Times source does not clarify what "dress like a woman" means, but did point out that the dress code goes back to the campaign days, when the women staffers allegedly felt pressure to wear dresses at all times, "mainly to impress Trump" according to the International Business Times.

Trump's favorability is at a new low, and rumors such as this do not help. The very thought that a woman would be told how to dress, much less told to "dress like a woman" has sparked a trend on Twitter by women who are tweeting pictures on what it means to them to, #DressLikeAWoman.

Many of the tweets are associated with the "actual living scientists" hashtag, with some scientists sending digs to Trump about climate change. A woman performing an autopsy in scrubs and pearls is among the list of pictures tweeted, but there are hundreds of thousands of women today joining the #DressLikeAWoman hashtag trend.



Snopes has looked into the rumor of the alleged new White House dress code and has found no documented White House dress code. Thus the new alleged dress code appears to be purely speculative, however, it is unlikely that Trump would put a "dress like a woman" mandate into writing. Still, the speculations have been enough to make working women across America furious.

The source providing the rumor on the new White House dress code did not say that Trump demanded dresses for women, just that this was a pressure on the campaign trail. Snopes reported that the women can still wear jeans, but "need to look neat and orderly." On the Sean Spicer look, the staffer reportedly claimed the following.

"It'd be one thing to wear a pinstripe that fit him perfectly. But it was like, he had a gap in his collar. I was like Oh god, he's going to get reamed."
White House Dress Code Spicer
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It is unclear whether the claims about Spicer or the new White House dress code are true. However, after that briefing, Sean Spicer's look has cleaned up considerably, with a look that very closely resembles the look coming out of the Oval Office.

Today, the trend #DressLikeAWoman is at the top of Twitter's trends, with pictures being tweeted out by American women from all walks of life. From army fatigues to flight suits for space, women are speaking out against the alleged new White House dress code.



Sean Spicer has cleaned up his look, and Steve Bannon is reportedly not required to succumb to this new dress code and is allegedly the only staffer exempt. The source said, "Steve is Steve, he's cavalier almost about what he wears."

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