Chris Hardwick Talks Inside Knowledge Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Chris Hardwick is something of a rising star in Hollywood, and though he might not have household name status just yet, most folks probably recognize him as the guy who hosts Talking Dead, AMC’s The Walking Dead talk show which airs after new episodes on Sundays.

This position affords Hardwick the inside track regarding details of the extremely popular show, though it’s a perk that Hardwick, a fan himself, isn’t always happy to have.

Hardwick is currently on location in Georgia, where AMC films The Walking Dead, filming some set shots for Talking Dead himself. Though it’s an opportunity most fans of the zombie-apocalypse show would die for, Hardwick says that he’s having a hard time enjoying the set exploration, as he fear spoilers around every corner.

“Every time I’m about to cross a corner I ask one of the producers if it’s okay,” Hardwick tells Us Weekly. “I’m worried I’m going to stumble upon a dead main character covered in blood.”

Outside of his responsibilities on Talking Dead, Hardwick is also a regular on Chelsea Handler’s comic panel for Chelsea Lately. “It’s probably one of the last real forums for comics on television,” Hardwick says of the show, admitting that the secret to his longevity is: “Never get on her [Handler’s] bad side. That’s my trick.”

The Talking Dead host is also working on a web series starring, get this: Neil Patrick Harris and puppets. “Basically Neil has always been a fan of Jim Henson, so it was all about finding a way to make that work. We came up with the idea that whenever he goes to sleep he dreams in a puppet world and it turns into this amazing fantasy variety show.”

A new episode of The Walking Dead will premiere tonight on AMC, and you can catch Chris Hardwick and celebrity guests dissecting the episode on Talking Dead right after.