Denis Leary Jokes About Kellyanne Conway Resemblance

Amy Feinstein - Author

Feb. 4 2017, Updated 6:42 a.m. ET

If a movie is ever made of the Trump administration, comedian Denis Leary calls dibs on playing Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, based upon how much they look alike. Fans of Leary, 59, took to Twitter, swearing that Conway, 50, was simply a character that Denis Leary invented for a comedy sketch. Denis Leary admits he sees the resemblance.

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Kellyanne Conway is just one of the women in Donald Trump’s life that have relocated to D.C. to be part of the Trump administration, says the Inquisitr. Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, have bought a home in the Kalorama neighborhood in the District, just around the corner from the Obama family, and walking distance to their Shul and rabbi. Both Conway and Ivanka have Trump’s ear, and are critical when it comes to advising Donald Trump.

People, especially on social media, are saying that Denis Leary is a dead ringer for Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, but as Leary is a bit older, it seems that it is Conway who looks like Leary, says Us Weekly Magazine. Both Leary and Conway come from Irish-American, working class backgrounds in the northeast, and each still have a tinge of the accent (Leary, Massachusetts, and Conway, New Jersey).


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Us Weekly Magazine posed the question “Separated at birth?” under side-by-side photos of Leary and Conway. It was British comedian David Baddiel who first pointed this out on Twitter.

“I remain convinced that @KellyannePolls is a character played by @denisleary.”

And from there, Leary jumped on board. “And I better win a f***ing Oscar for this role!”

Recently, Denis Leary revived his 1993 song “A**hole” in tribute to Conway’s boss, President Donald Trump.

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Perhaps the comparison to Leary is providing some comic relief for Kellyanne Conway, as she is finding herself embroiled in yet another alternate facts, misspeaking conundrum, says the Los Angeles Times. This time, it’s about Bowling Green, and what Kellyanne Conway referred to as a “Bowling Green Massacre,” that wasn’t a massacre. Or anything, really.

To her credit, after getting informed after the statement, she somewhat apologized, and reorganized her words.

“Honest mistakes abound. Last night, prominent editor of liberal site apologized for almost running a story re: tweet from fake account yet won’t name him, attack him, get the base 2 descend upon him. Same with MLKJr bust fake story. It’s called class, grace, deep breath.”

For the record, there is a Bowling Green in Ohio, and one in Kentucky, but neither have ever been the victim of an attack, let alone a terrorist attack or massacre. But the reference it sounds like Conway was making is tied to a 2011 arrest of two men, who were called terrorists in the papers back then, and it was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and involved two Iraqi men, according to the Justice Department.

“They were convicted of trying to send money and weapons to Al Qaeda in Iraq for the purpose of killing U.S. soldiers there.”

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But the media keeps pointing out Kellyanne Conway’s silly missteps, says CNN, and she feels as if they are ganging up on her, and she is calling it a “mob mentality.” Conway is also calling the media “disrespectful” when talking to her friend, Sean Hannity, about feeling cornered.

“The coverage never changed, it never progressed, it never matured. It never took on the aura of respect that it deserved, and if you are not showing the President and his main spokespeople respect, then you’re not showing the office respect, and you are inciting mob mentality if not mob violence.”

Many are calling this assessment a bit dramatic, and overkill, but Conway stands by her sentiment, and it also sounds like she would not be amused by the Denis Leary reference.

Do you think that Kellyanne Conway looks like comedian Denis Leary?

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