‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer: First ‘Star Wars’ Trailer To Air During Super Bowl?

From the day the official title of Star Wars: Episode VIII was announced, fans have been dying to see the first-ever The Last Jedi trailer. And while many a rumor has surfaced about when, exactly, fans will get their first glimpse of the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga, new information has emerged that suggests that we’ll be seeing it during the Super Bowl!

That’s the word from The Week UK, which suggests that the first The Last Jedi trailer will air this Sunday when the New England Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons beginning at 6:30 p.m. EST on Fox. According to the British outlet, the Super Bowl, which is the most watched sporting event in America, is not only going to have the most eyes on it, but it will be in sync with the “two weeks time” that Star Wars executives tend to take between the day they first announce the title of the new film, and when they show the first trailer for the film. Fans point to the example made by The Force Awakens, whose first trailer was shown two weeks after its title was announced.

This is in direct contrast to the news originally released by FanSided about The Last Jedi trailer debut. The site speculated that the initial trailer for the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga wouldn’t air until the springtime, making it a prime candidate for excitement during the summer blockbuster season.

“The December release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi lends itself to one of two things. Either it gets a teaser a full year ahead of time during the previous holiday season’s films — the route that Disney chose for The Force Awakens — or it waits until the spring and then bombards moviegoers during the early summer blockbuster season. The wait for The Last Jedi appears to be a conscious decision. The Force Awakens was a movie that was being counted on to revive the whole franchise, so a year out made sense. For its follow-up, there was a different factor in the mix: the first ever Star Wars spinoff movie.”

But according to The International Business Times UK, fans who are wondering about what they can expect in the film won’t have to wait until The Last Jedi trailer is released because the film has already been leaked.

In a move that should shock no one, the leak came courtesy of Russian hackers, or so they claim.

And while some fans doubt the authenticity of the leak, others find it very convincing. The leak supposedly features Supreme Leader Snoke cackling evilly about a new order rising in the galaxy, and how the ultimate battle between light versus dark will be fought now that the Jedi are becoming extinct.

While this is certainly in line with the story, there is some suggestion that this is just a film made by an eager fan, and the official trailer for the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga won’t premiere until the Star Wars Celebration, which takes place in April.

What do you think about this latest news on The Last Jedi trailer? What do you think will be featured in the clip?

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[Featured Image by Lucasfilm/Disney]