Wild Mushrooms Kill Two People At Assisted Living Facility

Sacramento, CA – Wild mushrooms served to residents at an assisted living facility have claimed the life of two senior citizens, according to ABC News.

The wild mushrooms were reportedly harvested and prepared by a caregiver at the Golden Age Villa retirement center. The person responsible for serving the dish to residents is counted among the folks sickened by the soup. Those who survived the unintentional poisoning are receiving treatment at an area hospital.

Authorities were soon summoned to the facility to investigate the situation.

“We got a report that some people had consumed some poisonous mushrooms,” Sheriff’s Leuitenant Mark Reed explained. “We responded out to the facility and interviewed people to make sure sure there was no foul play. There wasn’t any … It was an accident.”

Placer County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Carol Walsh told the Los Angeles Times roughly the same thing.

“We have not found any indication of foul play,” Walsh explained. “It looks to be a very tragic accident at this point.”

Placer County officials explained that the California Department of Social Services would handle all future inquiries into the matter. Agency official Michael Weston stated that an investigation into the matter was still underway.

Golden Age Villa, which is licensed to care for up to six individuals, has not responded publicly to the accident wild mushroom poisoning as of this writing.

People often believe the mushrooms that grow around their homes are suitable for human consumption. According to the Avon-Avon Lake Patch, a 62-year-old Ohio man became sick after eating a batch of wild mushrooms he received from a friend.

Lorain City Health Department issued a warning to those who are about to cook with a batch of freshly plucked wild mushrooms.

“We advise all persons to purchase mushrooms from the grocery store,” the press release explained. “We caution all persons that consuming as little as half a poisonous wild mushroom can be fatal.”

The condition of the people who were receiving treatment after eating wild mushrooms was not available as of this writing.