Cally Jane Beech Strips Naked To Show Off Baby Bump

Former Love Island star, Jane Beech, showed off her baby bump by going naked and taking a striking pose one often done by celebrity mums.

She posed in front of a mirror while showing off every little new curve but keeping some privacy with her arm placement.

The former Miss Great Britain and boyfriend, Luis Morrison, announced that they were expecting their first child last year in October. The two met and fell for each other on the reality show in 2015. Luis did admit that he had asked Cally to take a pregnancy test twice as he did not believe her. The two are excited about the future of their family.

She has been sharing pictures of her baby bump as well as of the two lovingly posing together.

Pregnant Cally Jane Beech goes completely naked
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The nude baby bump picture alone was stunning but it was accompanied with a positive message to her 291,000 followers on Instagram.

“The changes your body goes through in pregnancy is crazy! I want all you pregnant women out there to embrace your bodies changes aswell as your bump … those days when you feel down, sick and unattractive, I feel it too where all human and uncontrollable change can be scary but we have been given the biggest blessing of all…. the gift of life… the reason to keep smiling and enjoy pregnancy….your growing baby”

Click here to view the image of Cally Jane Beech posing in front of the mirror. Warning: image may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Sex life

She has revealed to NEW! that her pregnancy has given her fears with regards to her sex life. She fears that her spirited sex life may harm their unborn child despite people telling her that having sex does not harm the baby. The dental nurse says that it feels different and that one had to be careful not to bang the bump.

Happy in her skin

Cally Jane, despite stripping naked, said she misses her old body citing that she had missed her waistline. She showed off her fit incredulous pre-baby body to her followers on Instagram in a racy swimsuit. She has, however, shown that she does love her body and its new changes

Placenta pills and baby showers

The stunning brunette, who is due to give birth in May, announced that her future baby’s godmother would be Vicky Pattison. The TV personality has already shared positive messages to her close friend on body positivity.

The former Geordie Shore star congratulated her beautiful friend and called her “WCW” – Woman Crush of the Week. She applauded Cally for inspiring other women to embrace their pregnancy bodies, adding that women are beautiful and glowing as they are creating life and that they should not hide away. She reiterated that what they are doing is a miracle and that they should be proud of themselves.

Pregnant Cally Jane Beech goes completely naked
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The God Mother to be was sent some chocolates and a sonogram and was proud to be considered as their first child’s future God Mother and even cried.

Cally is looking forward to her baby shower in March that’s being organized alongside with her mother.

Cally and her partner Luis announced that they would be expecting a bouncing baby girl. The two decided to pop a big balloon they did a small countdown and then after a few sparkles, a glimmer of pink is revealed thus revealing the gender if their future first child.

The soon-to-be new parents both gushed upon finding out that they were expecting a girl and hugged repeatedly.


Cally is set to have a normal birth but she has chosen a different approach when it comes to the placenta with the first weeks of birth. She says that she isn’t planning much but she is indeed planning on having her placenta made into pills as she had been informed that it helps with postnatal depression.

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