NFL Uses Lady Gaga For Hidden Agenda Ahead Of Super Bowl 2017? [Opinion]

If the NFL wanted a guarantee that Donald Trump or his politics wouldn’t bleed into the Super Bowl 2017 halftime show they wouldn’t have picked Lady Gaga to head up the event. The buzz around the possibility of Lady Gaga talking Trump or Trump politics has caught the interest of many potential viewers.

Waiting to see if Lady Gaga does indeed bring her distaste for Trump politics into her Super Bowl gig sparks even more interest in the game, even for those who aren’t fans of the sport. When the NFL put Lady Gaga at the helm of halftime, they knew what they were doing. This was basically the thought shared by Martha Maccallum on Wednesday evening on the Fox News channel.

Maccallum wasn’t treading lightly when she offered up her thoughts on what Lady Gaga will probably do during her Super Bowl halftime performance. The Fox News journalist believes that Lady Gaga will go after the politics of the day on Sunday night. Maccallum also believes that the NFL knew this was a very good possibility when picking Gaga instead of someone safe, like Paul McCartney.

Someone like McCartney would have offered a safe bet on keeping politics out of the stadium. Maccallum shared her thoughts about Lady Gaga’s gig while on the air Wednesday.

“The National Football League knows where she is coming from, and if they were really worried they would not have chosen her,” reports The O’Reilly Factor’s website. Maccallum also said about the NFL, ” They love the controversy, they want everybody to tune in.”

Maccallum’s prediction is that Lady Gaga will indeed get political during her halftime performance. The conversation started out with a Budweiser commercial that is airing during the Super Bowl. This is a commercial that appears to have immigration as a theme. Fox describes the Budweiser commercial as an ad that “implicitly extols immigration.” According to Maccallum, the ad cost $12 million to $14 million to make and another $5.5 million to air the commercial for all of 30 seconds. Budweiser denies that the ad makes a political statement about immigration, according to The Atlantic.

The threat of an NFL boycott is churning online, which can be seen in the above tweet. This is what some folks say they will do if Lady Gaga utters so much as one disparaging word about President Trump or his politics. The hoopla around the possible words that Lady Gaga may or may not say is certainly getting a ton of attention today. One way to look at this is that it is great free advertising for the Super Bowl.

Budweiser released their Super Bowl 2017 commercial ahead of the big day and some believe they are making a political statement about immigration in their ad. Recent reports indicate that people are now boycotting Budweiser because they believe the ad is immigration-themed, according to the Business Insider. This just goes to show how polarized the masses have become over President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban. This is the same topic that folks believe Lady Gaga will attack during her NFL halftime performance.

Lady Gaga is reportedly to be singing while hanging high above the crowd for the Super Bowl show at halftime. She was practicing her performance today high up in the air as people scurried around on the field beneath her getting ready for the biggest NFL event of the year.

At a press conference this morning Lady Gaga was asked if she would get political during her halftime show. She never said “no.” Basically you can take what she did say for a “yes.” The “Born This Way” singer said the following.

“The only statements that I’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I’ve been consistently making throughout my career. I believe in a passion for inclusion. I believe in the spirit of equality, and that the spirit of this country is one of love and compassion and kindness. My performance will uphold those philosophies.”

This sounds like Lady Gaga covered just about anything in the world she fancies on saying during her NFL Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday. She also said that she would not be having wardrobe malfunction as her attire will be “tight” and it is expected to hold every thing in place. She promises “no meat dress” on the halftime stage.

Maccallum does seem to make a point with the NFL giving Lady Gaga the stage at the Super Bowl for her halftime performance, while knowing all along how outspoken she’s been over Trump’s politics. The singer has been all over Trump’s politics since he stepped onto the campaign trail. The reports that surfaced indicating that the NFL banned Lady Gaga from any jabs at Trump were false, according to the New York Times. NFL spokesperson, Natalie Ravitz, said in a statement, “This is unsourced nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none.”

This seems to indicate that if Lady Gaga does bash Trump and his politics on stage, she is not going against what the NFL has set forth in a contract. After hearing the boundaries that she set for herself when it comes what she does intend to say, she’s left it wide open. Her explanation of not saying anything outside of her “philosophies” doesn’t leave any off limits. She can cover just about anything she wants to as one could argue there really isn’t a topic that wouldn’t fit in under her own “philosophies.”

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