Melania Trump’s Game Changer – Treatment Of Barron In The Media [Opinion]

President Trump knew he’d be facing some horrific treatment by the media from the day he stepped up to that mic to announce he was running for the president of the nation. What the media has done to Melania wasn’t expected, or at least not at the magnitude that she has experienced. The game changer for Melania was when Barron became the target of vile media posts.

The original plan was for Melania and Barron to join Donald Trump in the White House as soon as Barron finished out the school year, but that plan may have changed. According to the Independent Journal Review, if Melania does decide not to move to Washington “it all has to do with Barron.” In all actuality, they probably should say that it all has to do with the way this family has been treated in the media, including social media. The plans are not called off as of yet, but the move for Melania and Barron will be revisited once Barron finishes up the school year. The option of not moving is on the table, according to Us Magazine. This can’t feel good for the American people, so can you imagine what this must look like to other countries around the world?

What are people around the globe going to envision if Melania and Barron don’t move to the White House? They will probably want to know why Melania, who has done nothing but demonstrate that she is a kind and gracious woman, has been bullied online to this point. What will they think about her 10-year-old son, Barron, whose kindness was seen recently calming his baby nephew with a game of peek-a-boo? Will they think the mother and son have been bullied out of Washington via the American media?

What the rest of the world is going to hear is that this lovely mother and son have been treated so badly by the media that they are considering staying put in the home they know and where they feel protected from the prying public eye. What does this say about the greatest country in the world? While Trump’s election has put the country at odds, why would people take this out on a woman and her son?


Whether you care about what the rest of the world thinks about the U.S. or not, the point is Melania and Barron have been the targets of the angst that people are feeling today for Donald Trump. If you didn’t like the guy who moves next door, you wouldn’t take it out on his wife and kids. How did the nation become so lax that it has gotten to the point where they will say or print such mean things about a woman and her son? In the scope of things, it is just a handful of people who have stepped over the line with their comments, but each comment has blossomed into headlines coming from all corners of the nation.


Think of all the horrific dictators the world has seen, do you remember their wives or children being a target in the media? Donald Trump is the pick of the people. He is already shown that he is progressive when attacking problems. He is changing a lot of the old procedures that are in place, which is something he said he would do during his campaign. His ideas were what got him elected. He’s not concocting something harmful with his temporary executive order on immigrants and the ban is small in the scope of things, as the country is still welcoming immigrants. For a few months, there is a hold on immigrants coming in from several countries.

These are the same countries that the Obama administration pointed out as countries terrorists use when traveling into the U.S. as their departure point. This is because these nations allow easier access to travel with their lack of vetting. The ban gives Trump’s administration time to come up with a vetting procedure to guard against these terrorists traveling to America.

You will never know if this ban was successful in keeping terrorists out of the nation because if it did stop any terrorists in their tracks, the terrorists are not going to broadcast it. The reason there was no warning is obvious. If Washington gave a three-day notice on this ban, any terrorist contemplating a trip to the U.S. would have hopped on board a flight before the ban went into effect. It was done the only way possible to keep the American people safe.

Because Trump put this ban in place, a California politician is demanding that Melania’s immigrant documents be released. Again, she has nothing to do with this, yet she is being pulled right into the anger coming from the opposition. There is no need to rehash all the disparaging comments posted about Melania and Barron over the last few months. Unless you have been on an iceberg in the Antarctic, you’ve heard them all. As of right now, the United States doesn’t look like a country treating Melania and Barron with kindness. Maybe it is time to turn that around.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]