Duggar Family Rumors: Sex Scandals, Divorce, And More Explosive Stories

In what has to be the most explosive of the latest Duggar family rumors, Anna Duggar — wife of embattled Duggar family member Josh — is considering filing for divorce from her husband, claiming that their marriage is “sexless.”

That’s the word from Hollywood Life, whose latest round of Duggar family rumors suggest that Anna — who has been dealing with quite a bit of drama from her husband, Josh, especially after the rumors of him cheating began to surface — is tired of not getting her wifely needs met in the bedroom, and she’s finally had enough. Josh, then, will be served with divorce papers!

“Anna and Josh share the same bed, but she never has sex with him anymore. She just does not want to. Anna feels Josh put her through hell with his disgusting behavior, so she believes she is completely justified in squeezing every penny out of him she can. Anna has spoken to the lawyer on the phone. She’s been putting off the meeting for some because she was terrified of being spotted at their office, but she is now finally ready to make the move and will be visiting the attorney in the next week or so.”

And the latest Duggar family rumors from In Touch Weekly suggest that the sex scandals are getting worse, not better. In addition to the latest divorce rumors from Anna Duggar — and who could blame her, really — the news has surfaced that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar threw a party for their live-in tutor, Tabitha Paine, and her fiance, Timothy Robertson.

That’s all good and fine except that Timothy Robertson has a shady criminal past.

“In 2000, Timothy was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree after having non-consensual sex with a woman. ‘That is something that happened in my past,’ Timothy says, insisting he was ‘falsely accused’ of the crime.”

Timothy’s mother, Ruby, backed up her son and claimed that her son was accused of the crime because he was drinking that day, as were his friends and his accuser.

Nevertheless, Timothy was given a three-year suspended sentence, was put on probation, and required to pay nearly a thousand dollars in restitution. In 2008, he received a pardon from the South Carolina Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.

In a bit of good news from the Duggar family rumors mill, though, People Magazine has confirmed that Jill Duggar and her husband, Derrick Dillard, are expecting a baby boy.

Jill and her sister, Jessa, are pregnant at the same time, which is exciting news.

When word got out that Jill was expecting a baby boy, the family released a statement about the impending arrival.

“We’re really excited about having another son, and I know that Israel and this one will be best friends. Israel can’t really understand what’s happening but he’s excited because other people are excited.”

This announcement came right after Derrick made a statement in support of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

“This week is the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and we mourn those nearly 60 million people who have lost their lives to abortion. Even sadder is that these executions are still perfectly legal according to man’s law and will continue to remain so if people don’t stand up for righteousness’ sake!”

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