Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye Walk At New York Fashion Week For Nick Graham

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is having a heck of a third act as a fashion model along with pal Bill Nye the Science Guy at New York Men’s Fashion Week for designer Nick Graham. Perhaps Aldrin was the second man on the moon, but he is the first astronaut on the catwalk. Aldrin managed to turn a fashion outing into a science experiment, calculating the best possible distance to walk along the runway so that everyone got the best view.

In a year famous for Super Moons, it makes sense that Buzz Aldrin, 87, is getting back out there, meeting new people, spreading his love and knowledge of science while also expressing concern about the space program and the environment. Aldrin promised the public that he still has access to the White House in reference to all things science.


Yesterday, Buzz Aldrin seemed to be in his element, walking the runway in a silver jacket created just for him by designer Nick Graham, said PageSix. Aldrin posed with Graham and fellow science geek Bill Nye while wearing a t-shirt that read “Get Your Ass To Mars.”


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Many people would have been nervous about taking this particular walk for the first time at 87, but Aldrin said that wasn’t the case as he was having fun.

“I felt very much at home.”


Designer Nick Graham, inspired by Astronaut Aldrin, created some serious togs in silver and black for Aldrin to strut on the runway, says the Daily Mail. Aldrin, Nye, and Graham managed to strike several campy poses, drawing the audience in. Just the appearance of Buzz Aldrin on the runway ignited cheers from the audience, and there was no doubt who they were there to see.

“I’ve walked on the Moon, so how hard can it be to walk in a fashion show. Nick’s collection is very Mars-friendly and every astronaut should look their best when they land there.”

Nick Graham said he was introduced to Buzz Aldrin through mutual friend Richard Branson years ago, and when he was working on this current line, he reached out to the former astronaut.

“He’s an amazing guy, and he’s all about going to Mars, so it was a great fit,’ says Nick. “Mars is the new black!”

After the show, Aldrin told Graham that he loved it [the fashion show], and wanted to do it again.


WWD said that Buzz Aldrin’s biggest conundrum was figuring out the best way and path to walk the runway at the Nick Graham show, using his MIT gleaned skills to calculate the tangent.

“I wasn’t sure what side to get on. If I walked too close to the people, then not enough of them would see it. I’m always calculating time and distance.”

Post-show, Aldrin and Bill Nye, who served as a narrator for the event, had a chance to talk about their favorite subject, which is science of course. Nye says he can’t yet get on board fellow space enthusiast Elon Musk’s plans for an interplanetary spaceship to transport humans to Mars.

“The thing is, to have a colony on Mars — I think that’s not an especially good idea. There’s no substitute for Earth. This idea we’ll go Terraform Mars, you’re freaking high. There’s no way — the Earth is it. So you gotta take care of it.”

Are you surprised to see astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking the runway at Fashion Week? Are you a fan of Aldrin? Of Bill Nye?

[Featured Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]