Dorit Kemsley On Xanax Joke: ‘It Was A Bit Shocking, It Was Great Fun’

Dorit Kemsley joined the show with the goal of being herself, but it sounds like some people may be confused about what she stands for. During one of her first episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she agreed with Lisa Vanderpump about Americans not being so accepting of British humor. As a way of supporting Lisa, she said that Americans were too stuck up and needed to be less conservative. But within a few episodes, she had already been offended by Erika Girardi not wearing underwear and she was shocked by some of the ladies joking about popping Xanax to relax.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley is now explaining how she felt about the Xanax scene. Dorit had gone to Eden Sassoon’s house to hang out with the new housewife and Lisa Rinna so she could get to know them a little better. Eden had made smoothies for the ladies and while they were joking about adding alcohol, Eden revealed that she didn’t do it because she was a recovering alcoholic. But she and Rinna did joke about adding a Xanax once in a while and Dorit Kemsley looked shocked. Even though Kemsley looked shocked at the time, she’s now revealing that it was a fun night for her.

“First off, I have to tell you it was one of the funniest nights I had ever had,” Dorit Kemsley explains to Bravo about the smoothie night that turned to talks about popping Xanax, adding, “It was eight o’clock at night making smoothies. It’s not something that’s very typical in my life or my home. And then the conversation, it just passed on and Rinna had said, oh she’d pop a Xanax in there. And then when Eden had said, ‘Oh I do that,’ I mean, it was a bit shocking and then it was all in great fun and for laughs. Rinna pulled out her bag of pills and we all had a laugh about it. I think it was all in good fun… I think that in this day and age people will take something to calm themselves down or they say something like that in jest and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.”

Of course, some viewers were a bit shocked about Eden talking about popping pills because she is a proud sober woman. While Sassoon kept saying that alcohol was her problem, some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers revealed that she wouldn’t be sober if she was taking mind-altering pills. But Dorit Kemsley didn’t make a comment at the time. As it turns out, she just wants to keep the peace and get to know the ladies.

“Coming in as a new person to a group of women is always going to be a little bit difficult and you can always assume you’re not going to be best friends with everybody. I connected with Kyle [Richards] very quickly and then our friendship just sort of grew. And she’s a barrel of laughs; we have so much fun together,” Dorit Kemsley explains about her friendships with the ladies, according to Bravo.

Kemsley was friends with Lisa Vanderpump prior to joining the show and she has been friends with Kyle Richards since she started the show. She decided to go on the smoothie date night to get to know her co-stars a bit better, including Eden Sassoon. But the night sparked quite a bit of discussion on social media as people were questioning whether Eden was indeed sober.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s comments about the Xanax night? Do you think it’s interesting that she’s saying that it was a fun night?

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