‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Healing Spell Discounts, A February Patch, And More

There is a very good reason why Supercell’s Clash of Clans has been as successful as it has been over its long tenure on the market. The developer’s constant updates, special events, and other in-game promotions have been a notable driving force in ensuring that the mobile strategy game remains as fresh for players as it was since its debut. With a February update seemingly set for an upcoming release, a new discount promotion has been rolled out by the developer.

With the Clash of Clans Witch Training discount event ending, Supercell has rolled out the mobile title’s newest promotion. Dubbed the Heal Spell Event, the promotion allows players to brew Healing Spells at a discounted cost. Normally, Healing Spells are quite costly, resulting in numerous players, especially low-level, non-paying ones, to forego the powerful spell in battle. With the new promotion being rolled out, even TH5 or TH8 players would be able to take full advantage of the Healing Spell’s capabilities during skirmishes.


January 2017 has been ridden with numerous Clash of Clans promotions. Prior to the current Healing Spell promotion, Supercell rolled out a Jump Spell event. During the Jump Spell event, numerous players were seen utilizing the powerful move during battles due to its reduced price. Thus, with the current event underway, it would not be surprising if numerous Clash of Clans matches would be ridden with Healing Spells over the next few days.

With January ending, all eyes are on Supercell for the game’s next update. The last major Clash of Clans update to the game was rolled out in December 2016, which brought new Winter and Christmas themes to the game, together with some notable balancing changes. Supercell has already removed the Winter/Christmas themes in the mobile title, leading many to believe that another significant update would be rolled out to the game very soon.

If any, the developer appears to be gearing up for a new patch already, with Supercell releasing an optional update that features bug fixes and optimization features for older, low-spec devices. Thus, from what could be determined so far, it appears that Clash of Clans is preparing for something that all its players, even those with low-spec devices, would be able to enjoy. This, unsurprisingly, has encouraged numerous CoC players to speculate that a major patch would be released sometime this February, according to a report by CoC-themed website AllClash.

A February 2017 update for 'Clash of Clans' might be in the works.
[Image by Supercell]

A February patch would actually make a lot of sense for Clash of Clans. After all, while the December update was something that definitely boosted gamers’ interest in the mobile game, various speculated and long-rumored features were completely absent in the patch. Among these are features that have long been detected within the game’s codes. Features which, if rolled out, would most likely usher in a renaissance of interest for the mobile strategy game.

One of the most hyped and long-speculated features for Clash of Clans is the addition of water battles. Over the course of its release, Supercell as rolled out new dimensions to the game, including air-to-air and air-to-ground skirmishes. Currently, the only thing really missing on Clash of Clans are battles that involve aquatic units. Thus, it would be a definitive improvement for the game if Supercell would roll out water battles in the upcoming Clash of Clans update.

Clues to aquatic battles have long been found on Clash of Clans‘ codes. Over the last few months, references to shipyards and similar structures have been discovered in the game through data mining. With this in mind, it appears that Supercell, while not giving any official announcement, is exploring the idea of water skirmishes seriously.

Despite its age and the emergence of mobile game juggernauts such as Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans has managed to maintain a very strong and loyal user base. With constant updates and promotions, as well as the possibility of new features for the game, it appears that the best is yet to come for Supercell’s hit mobile strategy title.

[Featured Image by Supercell]