Johnny Depp Blows Dead Man's Ashes Out Of Cannon: Last Wish Cost Depp $3 Million

Johnny Depp sued his former business managers for mismanaging his money, but the management team blames Depp for his own money problems. The Management Group (TMG) countered Depp's lawsuit with a suit of their own claiming that Depp was warned that he was spending much more money than he was taking in.

The TMG group managed the celebrity's finances through some of Depp's most prosperous years in film, which ranged from 1999 until 2016. It was during this time that Depp launched the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He also made the iconic Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which are just a few of his blockbusters from that timeline.

TMG is not only reporting Depp is in deep financial trouble, but their suit is also stating he still owes them $4.2 million. Joel and Robert Mandel head up the TMG group, and their lawsuit offers an alleged list of Depp's frivolous spending, stating it was Depp and only Depp that put himself in this position.

According to NBC News, Depp filed his lawsuit on January 13, looking to recoup some of the "tens of millions of dollars" that he alleges he was defrauded. Depp alleges that the magnitude of the situation became clear to him after he fired the business management group and hired a new manager.

According to Depp's lawsuit, it wasn't until TMG advised Depp to sell off property he owns in France that he realized he was in trouble. Depp claims that TMG suggested he use the money from this sale of this large parcel to pay off his debts. This caused Depp to change managers and file a lawsuit. The countersuit filed by the management group revealed just what they considered the alleged over-spending by Depp and offered up some of the spending events that allegedly put him in the financial position he is in today.

When journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson died, his ashes were spread in a very unconventional way. It was done by blowing them out of a cannon to the tune of $3 million dollars, which Depp paid for. Depp played the role of the quirky writer Thompson back in 1998 in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. After the movie finished shooting, Depp and Thompson remained friends. The two were close until Thompson died in 2005.

When Depp was asked at the time what ever possessed him to shoot Hunter's ashes out of a cannon, Depp replied, "All I'm doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true," He also said, "I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out."

Thompson was 67 when he shot himself. Having his ashes blown out of a cannon is what Hunter would have wanted, according to Anita, Thompson's widow. She also added, "He loved explosions." According to The Guardian, Depp footing the bill for this $3 million send-off was not widely publicized until now when it was listed in the court documents for the lawsuit.

But why would it cost $3 million to shoot ashes out of a cannon? Depp's bill entailed hosting the cannon with a crane to the top of a 150-foot tower on Thompson's farm in Colorado. You can see the clip of Thompson's funeral below.

Johnny Depp was just one of the notable names in the crowd for Thompson's funeral. Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, John Kerry, Sean Penn, John Cusack, Benicio del Toro, Josh Harnett and Ralph Steadman were a few more recognizable faces who came out to see Thompson's sendoff.

While Depp spent his own hard-earned money on the things he wanted, he claimed TMG took out loans in his name without his knowledge, and he alleges they hid the extent of his financial problems from him. The TMG group claims that even though Depp was informed on several occasions that his spending was out of hand, he continued on with his lavish spending.

The TMG court documents state that Depp was kept informed about his "poor state of finances." They listed a yacht as one of the lavish things he purchased. The 150-foot yacht cost $18 million. Depp was also spending $200,000 a month on private jets as his over-the-top spending continued, claimed TMG.

They also claim that Depp spent $4 million on a failed record label and $30,000 a month on wine. Staff and security for Depp cost almost half a million each month, with $150,000 going to security and another $300,000 going to his staff each month, according to TMG. Depp is said to maintain a staff of 40 people, according to this lawsuit.

TMG's lawsuit also states that when Depp was told about the monetary problems in the past, he would become angry and curse at his business managers for issuing the warnings. He would demand that the business managers find a way to fix it, which is what is stated in the countersuit.

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