WWE News: Plans For Seth Rollins, Triple H, And Samoa Joe Heading To ‘WrestleMania 33,’ Major Angle In The Works?

After spending a little less than two years competing for the NXT brand, Samoa Joe made his main roster debut on Raw by being the “destroyer” that Triple H was talking about during his promos toward Seth Rollins. As Triple H explained to the WWE Universe how he handed Rollins his success on a platter, while Rollins allowed it to collapse on his shoulders, Triple H called out Rollins to finally have the confrontation that he was salivating for. As Rollins was coming down the ramp to go face-to-face with The Game, he was bombarded by Samoa Joe, who then proceeded to give Rollins a brutal beating. Leaving Rollins for dead, Triple H walked away and deferred his issues to Joe.

The night before the Royal Rumble at TakeOver: San Antonio, Rollins hijacked the event, forcing Triple H to appear. While is seemed as if the confrontation was going to happen then, Triple H made security guards come out to contain Rollins. However, this seemed to further the expected WrestleMania match between the two.

Triple H gave a cryptic message after Rollins’ attempt to combat with him, which ended up being revealed on Raw.

“He wants to come here and challenge the creator? Great. The destroyer is not far behind. Sometimes in life, you’ve got to be careful what you wish for. I told you that you were ‘The Man’ one time; we’ll see who’s the man.”

Admittedly, Joe coming out as Triple H’s henchman threw a monkey wrench in the predictions, but it was a pleasant surprise. For weeks, Joe was expected to debut on the SmackDown Live brand to feud with John Cena. From rumors of him attacking Cena during his match for the WWE Championship against AJ Styles, to even entering and winning the Royal Rumble match itself, Joe was destined by fans and reporters to compete for the blue brand. Now, since he is on Raw, the creative direction for him has drastically shifted.

Since Joe viciously attacked Rollins on Raw, he is now playing the role of a major hurdle getting in the way between Rollins and Triple H competing head-to-head. With Fastlane being the next Raw pay per view before WrestleMania, a major match expected for that show will be Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe. This will be the final test before competing against Triple H in Orlando on April 2. As both competitors have shown throughout their careers, a Rollins vs. Joe match easily has the potential to be the match of the night.

After Rollins gets past Joe at Fastlane on March 5, WWE Creative then has one month to push the feud between Rollins and Triple H. As expected, Triple H will put over Rollins, just like he did to Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 32.

Within the past year, Triple H has been seriously contemplating retirement from in-ring competition. Shortly after his loss against Reigns, he discussed his future in the ring, and that being in charge of talent, live events, and having significant influence in the creative process is pushing his time as an on-air talent further and further back. At this point, there really is nothing left for Triple H’s in-ring career after competing against Rollins.

This is why it would not be a surprise at all if WWE ups the ante and makes his projected match against Rollins at WrestleMania a career vs. career match, with it being Triple H’s final bout in the ring. Not only would this be a good send-off for Triple H, but it would do wonders for a babyface run from Seth Rollins that has yet to gain a significant amount of steam.

For Samoa Joe, he could easily resume his feud with Rollins after WrestleMania and continue it throughout the Summer with a potential culmination at SummerSlam. While he may, in fact, lose his first pay-per-view match after his main roster debut, it is not the end of the world. AJ Styles lost to Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 32, as well as consecutive pay-per-view matches to Roman Reigns at Payback and Extreme Rules before winning the WWE Championship months later and becoming arguably the 2016 WWE Wrestler of the Year. For Joe, one loss to build a storyline will not hurt the potential success he has in store on the main roster.

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