‘The Batman’ Movie: DCEU Reddit Leak Reveals Deathstroke’s Role, Plus Mid-Credit Scene And More Of 2018 Cast Revealed? [Rumors]

The Batman solo movie is a highly anticipated film, and a DCEU Reddit leak revealed some interesting details regarding Deathstroke’s role in the flick, as well as the cast of characters and a mid-credit scene. If this is true, this would be considered spoiler territory.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Consider this a fair warning as some serious possible plot details will be revealed in this article.

The DCEU flick is said to be shooting in April with John Cleese as William Randolph Wintergreen, Armie Hammer as Nightwing, and Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto and Jim Parrack. The movie also stars Justice League’s J.K Simmons, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, and Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson.

Deathstroke’s role in all of this is that he’s the one rumored to be breaking all the criminals out of Arkham Asylum, and this causes Batman to take action by taking care of those criminals. By that time, Bruce Wayne’s energy is sapped, and this is the moment that Slade Wilson and Wintergreen, who plays Deathstroke’s man servant in the comics, kidnap Alfred. Wintergreen was mentioned to have historical ties to Alfred Pennyworth as both served in the Army back in the day. Also about a week ago, John Cleese did tease issues of Batman graphic novels on his desk, and this caused the Internet to go into a stir taking guesses as to who he could wind up playing.

What is interesting that there was an older DCEU leak regarding The Batman movie plot that puts Black Mask as the main villain with Harley Quinn and the Joker to have a subplot involving them blowing up the villains that Batman had captured. However, in this more recent leak, he is mentioned as one of the cast of characters and nothing more. Other characters are said to include Barbara Gordon, Two Face, and Penguin.

After the Pennyworth kidnapping, Batman goes to the rescue with his previous injuries as he attempts to subdue all of the Arkham criminals. This gives Deathstroke the upper hand, and he is able to defeat the Dark Knight. Nightwing swoops in and saves the day prior to Slade finishing Bruce off. When Gotham receives knowledge of Batman’s death via Deathstroke, the city goes into utter chaos as crime bosses go to war.

The final act of The Batman movie involves Nightwing/Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon assisting in the gang wars while a Red Hood tease will be shown at the end of the film to lead into a Batman movie sequel. A mid-credit scene will entail Amanda Waller’s involvement, and while Deathstroke is in jail, she approaches him. It is then revealed that she didn’t want Deathstroke to kill Batman, but she actually wanted it the other way around. Deathstroke was apparently a hard foe to take out, and Waller wanted Batman to take care of him.

Since Deathstroke is still alive and in his cell, she puts a bomb around his neck and says, “Welcome to Task Force X.”

This is interesting since the Batman’s mission was to apprehend Will Smith’s Deadshot in Suicide Squad, so would you say that somehow Amanda is utilizing Bruce Wayne to apprehend the toughest foes and add them to her group?

A previous DCEU Reddit Batman movie leak slated Oct. 5, 2018, as the release, but the current leak states July 13, 2018. About month ago, Slash Film indicated that the movie could debut on June 14, 2019, which makes this rumor off by over a year. There is no confirmation yet as media outlets are pontificating on when the unknown movies will be released.

When do you think The Batman solo movie will be released and between which movies would it be most appropriate?

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