DC Extended Universe: Reddit Leaks A Large Lineup List Entailing Warner Brothers’ Future Plans For Upcoming DCEU Comic Book Movies [Rumors]

Tony Smejek - Author

Aug. 31 2016, Updated 8:06 p.m. ET

The DC Extended Universe Reddit leaks entailed rumors involving Warner Brothers’ future plans. This is to be taken with a grain of salt, but according to Screen Geek “they don’t seem too far off.” It was initially posted on Reddit by QuestionManVicsage, but it was removed. Screen Geek took the liberty of getting all the DCEU rumors down.

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The Reddit leak is pretty long, so here is a shortened version.

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DC Extended Universe Rumor Highlights

  • Expect a Titans movie with Deathstroke as the main antagonist and also Nightwing, but no Cyborg. Ray Fisher will be in The Flash movie.
  • Joe Manganiello is rumored to have been cast as Deathstroke.
  • The Man of Steel sequel is being planned for a 2020 release with the premise having Lex Luthor’s LexOS system interact with alien technology and a Kryptonian to form Brainiac.
  • The Justice League plot and a possibly spoiler-filled story is revealed.
  • There was a DC Extended Universe discussion about whether or not to use Darkseid in Justice League 2 as there may be a conflict with Thanos in the Marvel Infinity War flicks. Also, the Justice League sequel is to be moved to the end of 2019 to adjust for Justice League Dark.
  • Aquaman’s Black Manta character is described in both appearance and voice with an intimidating presence similar to that of Darth Vader.
  • The Flash has its Rogues led by Captain Cold. He is described as “creepy” with a “sleek mechanical suit.”
  • Then there’s the Batman movie with a release date of Oct. 5, 2018. Black Mask is the main villain who breaks other baddies out of Arkham Asylum to take out the Batman. Further details involve Amanda Waller, Deathstroke, and Deadshot.
  • The Green Lantern Corps movie is said to be done in the vein of cheesy sci-fi flicks and Luke Evans was approached to play Sinestro. It’s not known if he has taken the part.
  • Dwayne Johnson has been “in constant communication about what they could do to make this film better.” The film being Shazam!
  • The Wonder Woman and Justice League full trailers are supposed to emphasize the overall fun factor of the flicks.
  • Also, talks of DCEU HBO exclusive shows. Character names were thrown around.
  • Suicide Squad 2 is likely to release on 2020 or no later than 2021 with a “slightly altered roster.” It won’t be directed by David Ayer.
  • The DCEU’s projected slew of films and other projects reach out all the way to around 2025.
  • There are talks of a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie and maybe an HBO exclusive.

It looks like the Reddit leaks went into overdrive as this is just a shortened version of the list. The full version can be found there as well.

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DC Extended Universe Rumors Not Far Off?

Just a couple of bullet points to point out so that some of this may sound pretty spot on, even though it’s just a rumor.

It was mentioned as it wasn’t too far off the mark. If you consider Dwayne “The Rock Johnson,” he and his partner Dany Garcia are working together in earnest to make this happen. Their company Seven Bucks Productions is working with New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Brothers. Johnson and Garcia are working together to co-produce Shazam! So it would make sense that they’d stay in constant contact.

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The next DC Extended Universe Reddit rumor point to consider is Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. Fans went nuts when Ben Affleck posted a quick tease of a man in the costume. That said, the actor was once rumored to play Deathstroke and according to Slash Film is now in London. He also followed Zack Snyder on Twitter. Of course, tons of people that aren’t Deathstroke follow the director as well.

Apparently, this is somehow tied into a September 2 event that will reveal Warner Brother’s plans. The one that comes to mind is the DC All Access event as there was a press release for it via DCComics. It is unsure whether or not all the aforementioned has anything to do with the DC All Access event.


So how much of these DC Extended Universe Reddit rumors have you convinced?

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