Kurt Angle Return: After No-Show At WWE ‘Royal Rumble’ 2017, Here Are 3 Awesome Ways The Superstar Can Make A Comeback

Kurt Angle’s return to the WWE’s squared circle never came to be in the recently concluded and questionably underwhelming Royal Rumble 2017. After speculations that the six-time world champion would be returning as a surprise entrant to the 30-man match, the Superstar was ultimately absent in the highly-anticipated PPV.

Despite his absence at the Royal Rumble match, however, ESPN reports that Angle has signed in with the WWE until Wrestlemania 33, where he would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017. Thus, while there is really no official word on whether Kurt Angle would be returning to the ring, that fact that the professional wrestler is with WWE once more has managed to get numerous fans excited.

Considering Angle’s talents in the ring and his undeniable capability to entertain fans, it is unsurprising that millions of wrestling fans are practically clamoring to see the Olympic gold medalist return to fighting form in the WWE ring. With this in mind, here are three ways that the WWE could give Kurt Angle a pretty awesome comeback (we’re looking at you, Vince McMahon).

Kurt Angle's return to the WWE might happen in 'Wrestlemania 33.'
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Another Feud With Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar’s feuds in the past are among the most entertaining in WWE’s history. Both wrestlers are very capable athletes and their styles serve as perfect foils to each other. Angle’s technical wrestling and submission-based offense and Lesnar’s ground-and-pound style have given fans a lot of entertaining matches over the years. One of the most notable aspects of their rivalry was Lesnar’s tendency to tap out to Angle’s submission hold, essentially breaking The Beast’s impregnable persona repeatedly. This eventually culminated in some unforgettable matches, including their epic showdown in Summerslam 2003.

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg have been feuding for a while now, but with Goldberg and The Undertaker seemingly starting their own feud in the Royal Rumble, WWE could give Brock Lesnar another notable competitor for Wrestlemania 33. Angle’s retirement from WWE does not mean that the wrestler is not fit to compete anymore, as the Olympic gold medalist still competes on the independent circuit. If another Angle vs. Lesnar feud could happen, WWE fans would surely be overjoyed.

Target the Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber PPV

The Undertaker is one of the WWE’s most valuable assets, and the veteran wrestler is pretty much a part-timer now. Despite this, however, the Deadman still has a pretty big tendency to appear in WWE PPVs, and his appearance in the Royal Rumble 2017 seems to indicate that the Phenom would be quite active in the squared circle in the near future. With this in mind, there is a good chance that The Undertaker would make yet another appearance, or possibly even compete, in the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV.

Kurt Angle's historic career with the WWE involved numerous notable feuds against the franchise's biggest names.
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Kurt Angle and The Undertaker have had a number of pretty notable feuds over the years. Their rivalry in the ring was highlighted by the fact that The Undertaker is very effective as a face wrestler and Angle excels greatly at being a heel. If The Undertaker does make an appearance in the Elimination Chamber PPV, it would be a great time for WWE to reintroduce Kurt Angle into the ring.

Interfere In a Wrestlemania 33 WWE Championship Match

Wrestlemania is the WWE’s golden goose. It is the PPV of PPVs, and it is watched by millions upon millions of wrestling fans worldwide. While the event would most likely be headlined by the title match between a reigning champion and the winner of the Royal Rumble, another title is always at stake due to the WWE’s two-pronged championship system. Randy Orton, the winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble, would most likely go for John Cena’s WWE Championship, which means that another match involving the WWE Universal Championship would be held in WM33.

The title match for the WWE Universal Championship would be a perfect way for Kurt Angle to make his presence known in the ring once more. The Superstar, after all, has managed to headline Wrestlemania a number of times in the past, so Angle is no stranger to the WWE’s grandest stage of them all, according to Sportskeeda. Plus, the fact that Kurt Angle would be there for the Hall of Fame induction is yet another opportunity for the WWE to reintroduce the Olympic gold medalist to the ring once more.

Kurt Angle might be turning 50 in a couple of years, but the fact that the WWE Superstar still actively wrestles in the independent circuit until today proves that the six-time champion still has a lot left in the tank. With Angle pretty much the biggest free agent in the wrestling business, it would be pretty foolish for the WWE to pass its chance up to acquire the charismatic, talented wrestler for yet another epic run.

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