Parents Fight To Protect Mentally Disabled Daughter’s Unborn Baby

A mentally disabled woman disappeared from her group home in Reno, Nevada thirteen weeks ago and returned pregnant. The 32-year-old woman, who had the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, is in the legal care of her parents. While it remains unclear how the woman became pregnant and by whom, the parents are fighting for their daughter, saying that she wants to carry her unborn baby to term.

While the parents have legal rights over their daughter’s medical decisions, the case has been brought before a district county judge, who will hold an inquiry into the case. The woman’s parents petitioned to halt the action, but their appeal has been denied.

In the petition, the couple claim that they have “exclusive authority over [their daughter’s] health care decisions, and they want their daughter to carry the baby to term in line with their Catholic religious beliefs.

The court, however, denied the appeal, siding with Judge Egan Walker. The court states that Walker has the authority to monitor the woman’s welfare and hold the hearings.

Authorities also noted that the couple failed to file an annual report regarding their daughter’s condition, which is required by state law. The court also has concerns over the woman’s medical condition, although the couple claims that medical experts “back them in their decision to continue the pregnancy.”

The woman suffers from epilepsy and is on medication. She suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.


Walker appointed the county public guardian’s office as a “neutral fact-finder” to investigate the woman’s condition in regard to her medical, psychiatric and group home care, reports The Associated Press.

Olivia Gans Turner, spokesperson for the National Right to Life organization, strongly supports the parents’ position, claiming, “The fact their daughter is not as mentally mature shouldn’t take away her right to have a child.”

Six couples have expressed interest in adopting the woman’s baby.

Do you think the court should mandate an abortion against the woman’s alleged wishes, or let her continue with her pregnancy?