The Veronicas' Double Celebration: Jess Rekindles Relationship With Ruby Rose; Lisa Gets Engaged

The Veronicas, the Australian pop group, has achieved international fame by delivering hit songs that have made it to the Billboard charts. Formed in 2004, the group is comprised of twin sisters Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso, who together have composed popular numbers like "Untouched" and "Take Me on the Floor."

Apart from producing internationally popular numbers, The Veronicas regularly find themselves the subject of media and fan attention due to their romantic lives. Jess Origliasso is romantically involved with fellow Australian Ruby Rose, the former MTV VJ who has established herself as an actress in Hollywood and who is perhaps most famous for her role in Orange is the New Black.

The pair previously dated in 2008, but admit that they did not take their relationship seriously. Later, Ruby Rose moved to the United States to pursue her dream career, and the two remained friends over a period of eight years. However, the two celebrities have rekindled their relationship after collaborating to work on the music video for "On Your Side," the new track from The Veronicas that involved extensive input from Ruby Rose.

The pair featured together in the music video, that was directed by Rose herself. According to News Australia, The Veronica's Jess spoke about how the two friends fell in love once again while filming the video.
"We've been friends for eight years. We just reconnected over doing this video. We sort of just fell in love. It's pretty cute, honestly. We support each other in our careers and we support one another and be there."
The pair, consisting of one-half of The Veronicas and the Orange in the New Black actress, have made the decision to involve the public in their romance, frequently posting romantic and sweet photos of their time spent together. Jess Origliasso also accompanied Rose to her recent first-time appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, shouting out her support for her girlfriend via social media while waiting for her backstage.While Jess Origliasso is romancing Ruby Rose, Lisa Origliasso, the other half of The Veronicas, has exciting news of her own: she has recently become engaged to Logan Huffman, the American actor. Previously, Lisa was in romantic relationships with Ryan Cabrera, Dean Geyer, and Reeve Carney, before she began dating Logan Huffman in 2014. According to News Australia, Lisa spoke about the unforgettable manner and the strange circumstances under which Huffman popped the question to her.
"A month ago the love of my life burnt a blood sucking leech off me in the middle of the Queensland rainforest... then asked me to be with him forever. His love has been life changing."
Lisa shared a photo of herself with the solitaire engagement ring clearly visible in the picture.The Veronica's Lisa has clearly chosen a romantic, thoughtful man to spend the rest of her life with, as Huffman started out the New Year by posting a romantic message for his new fiancée. According to News Australia, Logan spoke about how impressed he was with Lisa's loving and delicate nature.
"The first time I saw her she was holding a flower. It was the way she was holding it with delicacy, care and love that made me fall so hard for her. I knew that I would treat her the same as she treated that flower."
[Featured Image by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images]