‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Members Defend Sherri Cartwright, Brittany’s Mom Is Not Homophobic

Vanderpump Rules is full of drama. From cat fights between the ladies to rumors of raunchy hook-ups, there is never a shortage of reality television goodness to watch Monday nights. Last week, Jax Taylor celebrated his birthday and was roasted by some of his closest friends and colleagues. He has been dating Brittany Cartwright for several months now and her mom, Sherri Cartwright, happened to be in town for the roast. Things got a little uncomfortable during the party for Taylor and his girlfriend’s mom, but the cast of Vanderpump Rules seemed to have a great time at his expense.

For quite some time, Jax Taylor has been battling rumors of a gay affair. He has denied anything ever happened, but admits he has plenty of gay friends. In fact, the Vanderpump Rules cast is pretty involved in activism for the LGBTQ community. During the roast, Tom Sandoval talked about Taylor’s rumored homosexual affair and with Sherri in the audience, things got awkward. At the end of last week’s episode, she mentioned she was offended by that comment and wanted to discuss it with Jax when they got home.

An all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules airs tomorrow night and the saga will continue. According to All About the Tea, Sherri Cartwright is catching heat on social media and has been labeled homophobic. Of course, that is not going over well with the Vanderpump Rules cast. Various members have come to her defense on social media including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. Cartwright has apologized for how she came across when talking to Jax Taylor. She insists she is not homophobic and that she has been an activist for equal rights.

Filming for Vanderpump Rules has been an experience for Sherri Cartwright. She is from a farm town in Kentucky and is a conservative Christian. While her comments about Jax Taylor and his alleged homosexual encounter could have been taken as homophobic, she is insistent that is not the case. Vanderpump Rules staff may have edited things to make it appear to be something it wasn’t, which is what some of the cast members have alluded to. People have come out of the woodwork to call out Cartwright who has been trying to defend herself over and over again. Tomorrow night, more comments will be made and there is likely more drama to follow.

After Vanderpump Rules last week, Jax Taylor appeared on Watch What Happens Live. He talked about his relationship with Brittany Cartwright, and what it was like to have Sherri Cartwright with them while filming. He seemed to be okay with the situation and it appears that things are smooth right now despite how the Vanderpump Rules editing makes the situation look. Taylor discussed the fact that marriage was not yet on the table and did mention the different backgrounds they are from. Cartwright and her mom are incredibly faith-based whereas Jax just isn’t.

Unfortunately, Sherri Cartwright is catching a lot of criticism for what she said while filming Vanderpump Rules. She may not have meant what she said but the words that came out weren’t exactly positive. Cartwright was looking out for her daughter and if any other mother was in that position and hearing things about her daughter’s boyfriend possibly liking men, their reaction may have been similar. Because the conversation Cartwright has with Jax Taylor will be airing tomorrow night too, there is likely going to be more criticism. Vanderpump Rules knows how to bring controversy and when you throw in Jax Taylor and his girlfriend, you have a recipe for some serious drama that could blow up overnight.

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