‘Tekkie 7’: ‘Rage And Sorrow’ Trailer Revealed, Release Date Confirmed For Console

Fighting game enthusiasts have reason to rejoice.

Tekken 7 has been in the works for quite some time, but we’ve heard little from Bandai Namco in the way of when consoles would be receiving the game. With the release of Tekken 7’s “Rage and Sorrow” trailer, however, we have concrete information on what we can expect. The Mishima family returns to the ring to do battle, and other characters will be joining the fray.

According to Arama Japan, Bandai Namco has released its “Rage and Sorrow” trailer. We’ve seen a ton of gameplay via tournaments and venues, but the trailer brings about elements that will tie together into the game’s epic story. The Mishima family appears to be back at the forefront, Heihachi at odds with the others as they vie for power and the glory that comes with it.

As you may already know, Street Fighter’s Akuma will be involved this time around. iDigital Times reports thatAkuma has been hired by Kazumi Mishima to kill Heihachi. The details of their “deal” don’t appear to be specific, but it’s certainly an interesting conversation when discussing which of the two powerhouse brawlers would win.

The usual opening to Tekken reveals Jin and Kazuya throwing punches toward one another with the Bandai Namco logo between them. The original story, showing Heihachi tossing Kazuya into a volcano, reminds us of the rage and how the events in Tekken came to be. Multiple characters make appearances throughout the trailer, battling in both cinematic and in-game fashion. Jin Kazama, Lars Alexandersson, Nina Williams, and Akuma all take to the stage to pull the story together. The trailer shows that this will be the Tekken that wraps up the story, bringing a conclusion to the Mishima struggle.

Tekken 7 will have a Collector’s Edition, containing the season pass, steelbook case, the original soundtrack to the game, and a 12-inch Kazuya figurine. Additionally, the season pass will bring about extra characters, a new game mode, and extra stages upon which characters will fight. Pre-ordering Tekken 7 will land you the character Eliza, a vampire who was introduced previously in Tekken Revolution.

Alongside the PlayStation 4 release of Tekken 7, fans can expect exclusive content. Characters will be given their Tekken 4 costumes as DLC, as well as a system that will allow players to create their own playlists in-game. All in all, fans new and old will have quite a few goodies to go with the base game.

Much controversy has surrounded the release of Tekken 7. It seems as though it’s been ages since the game was initially announced, and developers have been taking their time in bringing the game to console. Players are already familiar with multiple characters, and there’s sure to be some knowledge already prepared for when Tekken 7 is brought home. Bandai Namco is most likely familiar with Capcom’s release of Street Fighter V. In lieu of this, it was a smart decision to delay Tekken 7 until the game was truly ready to be released.

Tekken 7 will hit consoles on June 2 of this year. The ultimate question of whether rage or sorrow fuels your ambition will be realized, and the fighting game community can look forward to having in-home capability to duke it out among friends. There are sure to be balance changes in the future, so it’s safe to say that any and all contenders will have the opportunity to try out characters new and old.

How do you feel about the delay for Tekken 7? Do you feel that the game will do better than Street Fighter V? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Bandai Namco]