Nina Dobrev Stirs Up Old Feelings On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Set

This article may contain spoilers for the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.

Almost as soon as Nina Dobrev announced her departure from The Vampire Diaries nearly two seasons ago, rumors have abounded about the star reprising her Elena Gilbert and, even though those rumors never turned out to have been based in truth, the fans held onto their hope. Now, as The Vampire Diaries nears its seven-season run, it has finally been confirmed that Dobrev will play a part in the last episode of the series. As Nina begins filming and TVD showrunner, Kevin Williamson, shares a picture of Dobrev on the set, it becomes practical to explore just how Elena Gilbert’s revival will affect the rest of the characters.

The Vampire Diaries Showrunner Shares A Picture That Hints At A New Twist

Yes, it’s true. Nina Dobrev is back on the Georgia set of The Vampire Diaries, rejoining her acting family for one final episode and, as TV Guide shares, TVD showrunner Williamson couldn’t wait to share one of the first sneak peeks of Nina’s return. The image features Kevin and Dobrev, of course, but there’s also one Salvatore brother snuggling up to Nina for the group selfie.

While many fans of The Vampire Diaries may be jumping to conclusions, hoping to see Nina and her former flame, Ian Somerhalder, getting close once more, it will be Stelena fans who will rejoice the most. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan Salvatore on the CW vampire drama, found his way into the shot, but did Wesley just happen to be nearby, or is this selfie hinting at a surprising twist for the end of The Vampire Diaries?

Unfortunately, Keven Williamson was no help, careful to caption the picture without dealing out any TVD spoilers or teasers.

“Friday night with some old friends. @paulvedere @ninadobrev #tvdforever,” Williamson captioned the photo.

Whether or not Elena and Stefan will find their way back to each other remains to be seen, but Julie Plec, another TVD showrunner, did offer fans a teaser that hints of a shocking tragedy for that final episode.

“Sorry I couldn’t live-tweet tonight, I was busy filming a scene that will break your goddamn heart. #TVD,” tweeted Plec.

Could this mean Nina Dobrev’s Elena will leave Somerhalder’s Damon for her very first TVD love?

Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Regret Leaving The Vampire Diaries For Hollywood

Nina Dobrev is enjoying her new film career. [Image by Victor Chavez/Getty Images]

Actually, Nina told Bustle that she feels hindered by her past on The Vampire Diaries, because Elena Gilbert isn’t the kind of female she really wants to play in film. Far from it. Dobrev says she’s looking for roles that are more action-oriented and depict a strong, independent woman. Certainly, Dobrev had her moments on TVD as Elena, but overall, Nina’s character was dependent on her male counterparts and just one voice of a group of boy crazy debutantes.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Ms. Dobrev says she has to work hard to shed her TVD past and escape the typecasting in which she has been labeled.

“I wanted to be in an action movie and do the badass, Femme-fatale stunts kind of character,” Nina says. “I actually chose to audition for this role.” The 28-year-old explains how giving it her all in that casting call was so rewarding.

“I got in the room, I crushed it. It’s more fun when you have to work for it.”

Since throwing herself into the Hollywood filmmaking business, Dobrev has pursued a number of different roles, from Vin Diesel’s xXx: Return of Xander Cage action film to the upcoming drama, Departures. Nina says she’s looking to expand her portfolio to include as many different genres as she can land, so she won’t be pigeonholed into one category again.

Nina says The Vampire Diaries will always be a special part of her career, adding that her co-stars will forever remain in her heart, but she’s quick to point out that her future lies in a new direction.

“Now it’s a new phase and a new chapter I’m embarking on. And yes, people do associate me with that role and character,” says Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries.

“It has been a challenge to get people to see me as something else.”

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries airs on Friday, February 3, on the CW network.

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